Wellness Weekly’s 5 Wonderous Facts You Don’t Know About Watermelon

Happy long weekend readers!

 As Mark Twain once said,

“When one has tasted [watermelon], he knows what the angels eat,”

and I could not agree more. With extreme heat this week, we can be extremely thankful for fresh, hydrating fruits that satisfy both our hunger and thirst in one juicy bite.

This summer I’ve eaten my weight in melons but the past month I attribute full responsibility to my family gatherings and yoga classes for indulging my addiction. Sweet, refreshing and so juicy that our counter top looks as though I’ve murdered a rain cloud, the watermelon is a seasonal family favourite.



A quick Holistic Life Hack for these hot summer days;

  • Refrain from concentrated starches and an excess of heavy animal proteins. Why? Both of these lack natural water content and therefore, use more water to metabolize than is being replenished leaving you feeling thirsty after your meal. This is troublesome considering our goal to refrain from drinking until 40-60 minutes after eating for optimal digestion.
  • The perfect fix: Stick predominantly to fruits and veggies naturally high in water to hydrate you while you eat! This being yet another bonus of a plant-based diet!


Of course we know that watermelon is 92% water after this blog; https://lifeofeden.com/2014/08/27/holistic-life-hack-7-in-season-foods-to-eat-yourself-hydrated/ , and we all know it’s an “eat alone or leave alone” after this one; https://lifeofeden.com/2013/10/06/when-fruit-becomes-toxic-the-one-time-to-never-eat-fruit/ , but to have a little fun this morning, these are five wonderous facts you DIDN’T know about this seasonal summer melon.

1) It’s not a fruit! 

  • Not 100% anyway. In fact, watermelons are both fruit and vegetable; a natural, non-GMO hybrid of sorts. It’s related to cucumber, pumpkin and squash of the Cucurbitaceae family which all grow in much the same way. You can observe this in my grandparent’s garden as their fall pumpkin patch makes way for small but flavourful melons come summer.

2) You can skip the composter

  • Both black watermelon seeds and rind are edible! Everyone laughs at the way I strategically eat melon. Much like you do your dinner plate, always saving the best for last, the middle of the melon is by far the most flavourful and so I craftily work my way backwards: from white rind up! Not only are you saving yourself the trip to your composter, you’re also reaping all the nutritional benefits possible!
melon slice

3) Beyond a post yoga bribe

  • After a hot and sweaty class, with sore thighs from warrior two and a steady yoga flow in the backyard, watermelon has played a vital role in refreshing my students after class in a bribe to keep them coming back 😉 But the benefits extend beyond the bribe!
  • Watermelon is a natural cleanser and diuretic to keep excess bloating and summer swelling at bay when the heat causes us to retain water. The fibre will also help bind to toxins to excrete it from the body along with the water that flushes toxins from our system. The ultimate yogic detoxifier!

4) Has more lycopene than raw tomatoes!

  • While most associated with vibrant, red tomatoes, watermelon is a more concentrated source of this antioxidant. It is known for its ability to protect you against free radicals, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and DNA damage. It is also lycopene we have to thank for the bright pink and red colourings of many of our fruits and vegetables.

5) Reduced muscle pains

  • L-citrulline, an amino acid present in watermelon, has been shown to protect against muscle pain. The effects have been studied by juicing the melon, but I do not generally recommend this as stripping the fibre will rapidly spike your blood sugar from the high fructose content. Instead? Enjoy these benefits from consuming watermelon in its whole, natural state as nature intended.
This Wellness Weekly, take a cue from the return of our summer heat and make watermelon your ultimate companion this long weekend. Indulging in this quick, refreshing and extremely hydrating summer melon is all the Monday motivation we need to run off to our local patch and grab a juicy one!
Taking a refreshing slice of our long weekend,
Suzanne Eden

Manifest Monday // Lost In Textlation – The 5 Perks of Living Unplugged

 The time I arrived home one morning, following a night of getting lost in an epic tour of Toronto with a friend I had just met (in all fairness, I did forewarn her of my direction impairment), attending a business premier, eating copious amounts of delicious plant-based food (and a couple of squares of Giddy Yoyo dark chocolate), going to one of my favourite places (I know where you’ve guessed but it was, in fact, not the beach this time); the airport, and sharing a vegan burrito & very cozy ride home with a nomadic traveler & six-foot tall surfboard.
So naturally, the first thing I wanted to do was to snuggle into bed to check my Instagram, lurk his surf & travel photos (videography being what he does for a living) and “follow” the freedom project, a not-for-profit organization of which I’d just gabbed about with the founder and CEO over cauliflower & beet salads.
That, however, proved more difficult with the loss of my wi-fi reception, and what good is a phone without Internet and iMsg?? Now, I wasn’t particularly disgruntled on the matter until I found out our wi-fi was working, it was my phone that wasn’t and a quick call to Telus unveiled their cynical plan to ruin my lurking escapades : their system was down.
Stranded without a phone, gasping for reception, clinging desperately to my every last hope of vicarious traveling through mini photos on an instant feed, I gave in, put my cell down and vowed to spend the remainder of the day without it.
Even cell phones have their limits and so should you! While your cell may disconnect you from web surfing now and again, life may connect you with a new friend and surfer. While your cell phone may lose service for texting, life gives you the service of personable phone calling. And though your phone may, at some point, limit you from fixating on a screen, life will have you transfixed on the world around you. We would all do well to stick limits on our phones before they teach us this lesson on their own merit and these are 5 Holistic perks that emerged from being lost in textlation:

Perk #1: Mastering the art of communication beyond the 7%

  • What happened when I solemnly swore to stay off my phone? I actually had to call people! Now I for one, love talking on the phone, I adore it, and this was the perfect excuse. As social beings, we need to actually hear people’s intonations and their “LOLs.” Laughter, after all, is intoxicating and stimulates our feel good endorphins when we hear it in person. Reading the abbreviation “LOL” doesn’t do it justice. In fact, through our personal lives, social lives, right down to our business lives, communication is everything, but a measly 7% of communication comes through the content of the message. What accounts for the remaining 93%? UCLA professor AlbertMehrabian found that 58% of communication is through body language, and 35% through vocal tone, pitch, and emphasis.
    • Prescription For Wellness; when discussing important news or attempting to resolve an issue, refrain from the temptation to do so over text message. Calling is an upgrade but to reap the benefits of the 58% body language communication, you want to do so in person.

Stranded on a dessert island

  • A little effect I like to call: lost in textlation: no matter what you type or how strategically you type it, the true intention (sarcasm, joking, sweet vs flirty, serious..) will never translate in the exact same way to the receiving end (and this is even before considering an accidental autocorrect-desert is a lot less appetizing than dessert).  The other person is bound to read it differently and this just leads to crossed eyes and hair pulling, neither of which are considered healthy practises.


Free to a good roam

  • Money, yes. I know the struggle all too well of roaming charges when we grace the border while touring Niagara Falls. My phone, being the adventurous type, loves the thrill of pretending it is in the USA and as a consequence, charges me in the long run. Of course, I weasel my honest way out of roaming fees and so should you! But the roaming I’m referring to here is the constant checking of your cellular device. PEW Research Center found that 67% of cell users check their phone for messages, alerts, and calls even when  their phone isn’t ringing or vibrating.  Phones offer a fantastic modality for distraction and can drain our days of motivation and promote procrastination.
  • Putting my phone down forced me to not look at a tiny screen all day. Without constantly checking my phone and getting aimlessly lost in Instagram “liking” and “foodporn” drooling, I found myself having more time and therefore, being far more productive and active! And an additional perk: there are problems that set in with dry eyes simply because people become transfixed on screens and withhold the autonomic impulse to blink! So I had happy, glossy eyes too 😉
  • Prescription for wellness;
    • Want to kick-start an empowered, energized and productive day? Disconnect from your phone, step outside, create your day’s game plan, read, meditate and go about your morning unplugged for 1 hour first thing each morning!

Backspace the aches and pains

  • Dry eyes? How about the painful cell phone hunch? We were born with opposable thumbs and with this came our natural stature to walk upright on two legs. And though those nimble thumbs have come in handy for navigating miniature keyboards, they’ve also provoked a real pain the back.  The hunch is the new physical condition evocative of the ever downward tilt of the neck and shoulders from the constant use of our phones. On average we spend 2-4 hours daily in this unnatural angle according to CBS news which also suggests that good posture reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol to help you become more at peace. And speaking of a piece of zen…

Unlimited post-phone presence plans

  • Yes, presence. When disconnecting with the phone, we connect more to ourselves. There is less comparison to the glorious moments of people’s lives (the only ones we really post after all) and more time to ground and center your thoughts. You become more in tune with your body, your thoughts and emotions. Cellular devices can become coping mechanisms and pretty poor ones at that. Ever been bored or sad and looked through copious amounts of fitness and travel photos posted and felt the comparison creep in?
  • When we disconnect our phones, it forces us to look up and connect to our surroundings and the people around us. In our fast paced technological world, time, energy and awareness are three of the greatest things we could gift another human being with and can create a lasting impact. To have genuine, human, in person interactions where facial expressions come from a face and not an emoji and hearts are felt, not typed ❤
Instead of living vicariously through the adventures of my new friend from her trip to Guatemala or surfing photos of my back seat burrito buddy, I dreamt of my own travels there and made a game plan on how to do it.
And so I leave you with this: a suggestion for this week’s Wellness Weekly Challenge: to one day (or at least half a day) a week, find yourself in a total technology detox. This includes computers, cell phones, TVs, etc. To disconnect to pigmented images on a screen and connect authentically to yourself, to the incredible people you’re with and to the animated and unemoji’d world around you.

Tuning off to tune in for tonight’s family dinner of wild caught cod,

Suzanne Eden

Manifest Mondays // 3 Mindsets To MASTER Our Mornings!

What was the first thing to jump into your mind this morning? Were you excited, passionate? Did you feel awake, alert and energised? Were you motivated to eat good food, to exercise, to be productive and work towards your goals and dreams?

  • As the sequel to one of the most  popular blog posts yet; https://lifeofeden.com/2014/09/30/manifest-monday-what-drives-you/ , this is your guide to boost your motivation each and everyday!
Passion is the drive but motivation is the fuel. How do we get more of this? Fueling ourselves with wholefoods is what will power us with energy and the right mindset, meditation is what will provide clarity and creativity, and an active lifestyle is what will drive us to productivity, but where does this motivation come from? Brendon Burchard made the perfect analogy of an energy power plant that doesn’t have energy, it generates energy. Motivation is already there for you, it’s not something one day you have or don’t have, it is something to be generated at any time, in any place.  After all, holistic health is about reaching our full potential in all aspects of our life. To be passionate, to excel, exceed, expand, THIS is what I call thriving and whether you need the motivation to fuel your health, or your relationships or your business, these are my top 5 keys to kick-start a life of motivation right now!
blue post
Just as breakfast is fuel for the day ahead, what we feed our minds each and every morning matters. Let these three exercises be the first thing you do the moment you wake up. By doing these every single day, you will start to rewire the programming of the brain so that a motivated mindset becomes your default mindset.

These are your new three mindsets to instantly master your day!

1) What are you grateful for?

  • Write this down. Write three things every morning that you are grateful for. Gratitude is one of the simplest ways to increase energy, boost our feel good endorphins and feel empowered by shifting our thoughts to positive, productive thinking. You can read more of how this enhances your health here: https://lifeofeden.com/2014/11/04/manifest-monday-17-reasons-why-theres-no-place-like-om/
  • Gratitude is what has been coined; “intrinsically self-esteeming.” People with gratitude have been shown to be more proactive in attaining personal goals and this trait has been proven to help athletes reach optimal performance. It has also been shown that grateful individuals have less incidents of illness, reduced risk of depression and have a greater sence of wellbeing, all of which are necessary to carry out our motivation.
  • Prescription for wellness; grab a gratitude journal, keep it by your bed and write three things you are grateful for each day this week.


2) Ask: what am I excited for?

  • Passion is the driver of ambition and ambition, the fuel of motivation. If you want to feel motivated, awake, alert and alive, give yourself something to be excited about! When we are excited, we experience a natural high and will feel instantly energised and motivated to do something. Energy stems more from thought than anything else and you can see last Monday’s post to master your mind.
  • Prescription for wellness: Every morning ask yourself; what am I excited for today? It doesn’t matter whether it is something big or small, as long as you truly feel excited, you are fueling your day!


3) Mantras

  • What is it that you want? From yourself? From life? Write it down. Let’s take motivation. Want more? Write down something like “I am fueled each and every day with motivation. I am thrilled to wake up each morning and get going.” It doesn’t matter what you say or how you say it as long as you believe it. Whatever works for you, write it as though it’s yours and repeat this every morning and every night.
  • What this does; we are largely what beliefs we hold in our lives. Start paying attention to how you respond in everyday situations and you will see this. Often times we are on autopilot and responding from a place of repetition. What mantras do is change our subconscious programing. So; if you typically wake each day feeling unmotivated, this mantra will help induce feelings of motivation and the more you do this, the stronger the reprogramming in your brain until it becomes habit to wake up motivated and energised! Pretty powerful stuff.

Wellness weekly;

  • For this week’s wellness weekly challenge, I want you to give this a shot! Whether you are manifesting motivation for health and wellness, business, relationships or whatever it might be, use these three tips each and every morning to jump-start your day on an energized high (no caffeine kick needed). You’re going to love this one!

To our mornings of motivation,

Suzanne Eden

May The Fourth Be With You // From Yoda To Yoga – How To Harness The Force Of Our Minds

At first glance, Yoda may seem nothing more than a wise character of science fiction who ate so many salads he became one. But let me assure you, his teachings span far beyond his Jedi’s and can teach all of us Padawan’s a thing or two when it comes to manifesting radiant health.


Yes, Yoda is a true yogi master.

Allow me to state my claims here:

  • Beyond the amusing images of Yoda in down dog or attempting a back bended wheel pose, what Yoda has is beyond the control of his body, it is the control over his mind. This is yoga beyond the asana’s (postures).
  •  Though not causing objects to levitate, there are yoga gurus in the Himalayas known to have such control over their bodies that they can voluntarily stop their heart beat, change their brain waves between alpha, beta, theta, delta, and heat their bodies so much that they can sit naked in the snowy mountains and dry wet towels placed over their backs. This is a self-control taking years to cultivate but with the mind and a little patience, anything is possible, even holding frog pose for what seems like an eternity.

“Patience you must have young Padawan.”

  • Though we do not see Yoda in Lulu spandex, stretched out on his Jade yoga mat for a practise, we often see him with his eyes closed in contemplation or silence. The mind has a hard time distinguishing between what is real and what is envisioned so long as the visualization is strong. Therefore, if we are too sick or have an injury and cannot practise, there is power in visualizing this practise. There are NASA studies that have shown the same muscles firing from visualizing an action as firing when the action was physically performed! The more detailed the realization, the more you feel as though it is reality, the stronger its effect will be.


So there we have it, proof that Yoda is our ultimate yoga master but what, then, is the force?


In yoga, our minds are the vehicles of our health. What we feed our minds is equally, if not more important than what we feed our bodies. It is our thinking that is responsible for what manifests both in our bodies and in our lives and continues to be backed up by scientific research. In fact, one of the biggest predictors of longevity is psychological resiliency; the ability to “bounce back” and go with the flow.  It is also our minds that are the main responsibility in changing our daily habits and understanding that we have the ability and mental strength to transform our health. Our minds are the force to be reckoned with so long as we use it for good.


From our yoga master, Yoda, here are 3 Manifest Monday quotes to harness the power of mental resiliency, may the force be with you!



Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.

The fear of loss is a path to the dark side.

  • Stress is often the result of feeling a loss of control and can be responsible for up to 95% of onsets or progressions of disease. When we become attached to something in our lives, there is a fear that it can be taken away from us. Accepting that all things come and go and allowing it to be, gives us the power of resilience. Allow nothing to feel as though it is yours. Instead, cherish its presence, whether it be an object, an animal, a person, or idea, while it is there but release attachment.

Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

  • The fear of not obtaining a goal is a counterintuitive thought that may prevent us from trying or from sticking to a health regime for the time it takes to work. By finding self love, flaws and all, we release this fear and are able to take set backs on our journey as experiences and step into a new direction. Do or do not. There is no try.


When you look at the dark side, careful you must be. For the dark side looks back.

  • Fill your time with things that fulfill you and make you feel happy and alive. raising our vibrations, filling our attention with positives, fueling our day on laughter, these are the things that create a resilient mind. One that can take any situation with a positive mindset. And of course, a heaping dose of yoga helps too 😉


May the fourth be with you yogis,

Suzanne Eden



Prescription For Wellness // 5 Reasons To Get Your Dose Of Vitamin SEA & Thalassotherapy At Home

We interrupt the April showers for a brief dip into paradise! At 27 degrees today, it was a day dedicated to being outside in the sun and warmth, for yoga and dog walks and transforming the beach into my personal office space.

Around here, we’ll settle for a beautiful beach day on the lake, but if you have the opportunity to sunbathe near an ocean or sea (where dipping a toe in the unpolluted water doesn’t pose the potential risk of emerging with an extra extremity) so much the better! This highly ionized, mineral rich water flow is the ultimate vitamin and coupled with vitamin D from the sun, it is no wonder beaches are a therapeutic escape and this week’s prescription for wellness!

vitamin SEA

 With the term Thalassotherapy used to coin the healing effect of the sea, this is by no surprise my all time favourite vitamin and here is every excuse you need to swim into a big, healing prescription of vitamin SEA;


1. From SEA to ZZZ

  • The negative ions (anions) in sea water may amplify the oxygen flow to our brains and cause biochemical reactions that can boost our body’s natural production of serotonin. When combined, we experience elevated mood, increased energy during the day and a more rejuvenating sleep by night.
  • What are ions?:  negatively or positively charged atoms or molecules.

2. Multi vitamin

  • We are not just what we eat but what our bodies eat too. One route of absorption is through our skin and why we need to take careful note of the products that we expose ourselves to on a daily basis.
  • Sea water contains minerals such as magnesium, potassium and iodine which may assist in cleansing the body and boosting our immune systems.

Skin deep

  • The largest organ of our body, sea water  can help to diminish skin conditions such as acne and eczema and leave our skin feeling silky smooth. This may come from several factors: the cleansing properties of sea water assist in detoxifying the body and reducing inflammation, it may also help to dry out the affected area while providing minerals that promote proper balance of the skin. Another theory suggests that the salt is a powerful antibacterial agent to minimize the spread of bacteria and purify our pores.
  • Note: while some natural drying of the skin may help to reduce acne, it is essential to replace your natural balance of sebum with an all natural moisturizer. My favorite being a mixture of coconut and vitamin E oil.

Relaxation – A long walk on the beach

  • The magnesium in sea water assists in the relaxation of muscles and mind, coupled with the rejuvenating benefits of swimming and the sound of the waves, which alter brain patterns to provide a state of deep relaxation.

Sunny Disposition

  • It is difficult to isolate just one component of the beach that is responsible for its uplifting effects on our moods. It may be with thanks to a rush of negative ions, increased oxygen flow to the brain, or the relaxation effect which calms our mind. Whatever the reason, it takes no more than a rejuvenating beach day to have all the evidence we need that the sea is a powerful mood enhancer!


Though the sea was out of the question today, the beach was calling and you can imagine my thrill as the snow has melted away and the water hurled itself against the rocks as this evening’s storm clouds rolled in. And so if you too find yourself on a Canadian lake, you can still reap the benefits of the sea through:
  • Meditative sea music
  • Epsom salt baths
  • Visualizations


Diving into a holistic dose of vitamin SEA,

Suzanne Eden

Surviving Daylight Savings 1:01

Hey, shift happens! But if you’ve been having a difficult time adjusting to the time change, you’re not alone.

I go to sleep roughly around the same time every night and like clockwork, my body promptly wakes me up at the same time each morning. The problem being that my internal body clock (circadian rhythms) was as unaware of daylight savings time as I was this year. This has meant some late nights and sleeping in more into the day. It has also left me feeling a little drowsier than normal. In fact, daylight savings has been proven to significantly affect our wellbeing from reducing productivity to increasing the risk of automobile accidents.


With the clocks springing forward however, we rest assured that spring is on its way and we have had a beautiful week to prove it. Now we just need to be awake and energized to fully enjoy it!

Here is your survival guide 1:01 with four ways to rock your internal daylight savings clock:

1. Disconnect

  • Cellphones, computers, t.v.s etc. emit blue light which stimulates our brain and inhibits the release of melatonin (our natural sleep hormone). As natural melatonin secretion occurs around 9-10pm, use this time to disconnect from your technology and connect through calming activities such as mediation or yoga that promote a deep, restorative sleep.

2. Don’t fear the dark

  • Optimal melatonin secretion can only happen in complete darkness. This means that even the soft light from the street or the little light from your alarm clock can dampen your penal gland’s melatonin production. Cover the lights, use blackout blinds or a face mask.. anything to get total darkness!



3. Stimulate with sunlight

  • The best way to optimise our sleep cycles is to use the natural sunlight. Light is what triggers the proper release of melatonin. When it becomes dark, we are naturally stimulated to sleep, when it is light out, we are stimulated for alertness. To make this happen, set an alarm for the time you wish to wake up each morning and open your curtains to let the light shine through. Even if you need to lay back down for a bit, this will help to transition your body into its new schedule.

4. Melatonin

  • The powerful remedy to quickly and efficiently regulate sleep cycles. This will assist in quickly setting your internal clock (it is also my secret weapon to jet lag!). You want to take one every night approximately thirty minutes to one hour before you want to go to sleep.



    Melatonin used infrequently can be a valuable tool in setting your body back on course. However, it should not be used as a band-aid to cover up larger issues. If you find that you are reliant on the pills to get a good night sleep, there are bigger issues that need to be addressed. It is also important to note that supplementing with melatonin for too long may cause your body to stop producing much of this hormone on its own. Moderation is always the key!


Hey, shift happens! But though daylight savings can be incredibly taxing on our bodies, it is that step closer to spring and summer and can help to reduce seasonal affective disorder and with these tips, you will be well on your way to a deeper sleep this week!

Clocking up a restful sleep,

Suzanne Eden

The Open Heart Yoga Series & The Anatomy of Heart Break

“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”

~ Leonard Cowen

Ask Eden: “Could you post poses that help to open up a broken heart and help it heal?”


And just in time for Valentine’s Day ❤

  • When thinking of repairing a broken heart, take the analogy of a muscle in yoga: every time we stretch, we make micro tears in the muscles. When they heal, they become stronger and more flexible. In order to grow, we need to stretch and tear a little bit. The same is true for your heart which, after all, is a muscle. Exercising the heart, leaving it open, makes it vulnerable, but every metaphorical rip and tear, with the proper healing, is an opportunity to expand, to enlarge and grow stronger.

An open heart is vulnerable but the heart is a muscle; it’s durable, self-healing, resilient.

The Anatomy Of A Broken Heart
  • Our emotions manifest in our physical body. When we experience heart-break, our shoulders often round and we stoop slightly forward with a hunched back as though we are physically shielding the heart. Just as our heart compresses, our bodies compress. This posture, in turn, sends feedback via our nervous system to our brains affirming a lack of confidence and we are less likely to be happy.
  • Alternatively, by opening up our chest cavity, we can begin to send the signal to our brains that we are open and this creates a cascade of positive feelings. This may first, however, create a flood of emotion if you have been hoarding feelings within.
The Heart Opener Yoga Series:
  •  Yoga has that powerful knack for bringing emotions to the surface, for ringing out our emotional toxins. By physically opening our chest cavities, these postures will help to open the inner heart and break down our barriers so that we can feel and once we feel it all, we can begin to heal it all.
  • To delve deep into yourself and your emotions; it is best to do a longer practise. It gives your body time to warm up, to soften and release barriers and your mind will slow and become quiet. This is where the magic happens.
  • Note: If you do not have experience with these postures, seek assistance from your yoga instructor for proper form. Each pose should feel good! If there is any pain, gently ease out of the asana and always listen to your body.
Also Note: By scrolling your cursor over the images, they will take full colour to showcase the photography by Lauren Leprich.
Upward-facing Dog
Urdhva Mukha Svanasana
Crescent Lunge
Wild Thing
means “the ecstatic unfolding of the enraptured heart.”
Upward Bow (Wheel) Pose
Urdhva Dhanurasana
Camel Pose
As it turns out, the Princess Bride happens to be a brilliant heart opener too!
Wishing you all a LOVEly Valentines,
Suzanne Eden ❤