6 Ways Thanksgiving Just Made You Healthier!

Fragrant free-range roast turkeys, gluten-free stuffing, golden yams, potato casseroles and fresh pressed cider adorned the table for our Thanksgiving feast. What wasn’t on the menu? Guilt!

Whether you felt weighted down this week or brimming with post-festivity energy, your celebrations aren’t over yet, as we round out the ways this past weekend just made you healthier!

Autumn hike

1. You KNOW the power of proper food combining 

One of the biggest road blocks for optimal health is a disconnection with how our food directly impacts our bodies. Not anymore! After years of testament to this from your thanksgiving festivities, you are now better equipped for feasts of the future.

  • You know for instance;
    • Turkey + stuffing + potatoes = tired & sluggish 
      • This effect we owe to the heavy combinations of concentrated proteins and starches which utilize different enzymes to breakdown. Protein needs the enzyme pepsin and an acidic environment in the stomach while starches require ptyalin (salivary amylase) which functions optimally in an alkaline environment. Paired together, the acid and alkaline states neutralize each other and this difficult-to-digest combination drains our energy.

Prescription For Wellness; 

  • Keep concentrated proteins (meats in particular) and concentrated starches (rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa etc.) to separate meals of the day for optimal digestion and increased energy!


2. You’ll leave the stuffing to the turkey

After witnessing first hand what the turkey feels like, you’ll no longer stuff yourself! Both, everyday where we may eat a little too much and at holidays and parties, we’ll be more savvy when interpreting our need for seconds.
Prescription For Wellness;

3. You’ll now start your meals with vegetables

Never again will you forgo the ability of vegetables to entice the hungry guests and impress your family’s health enthusiasts. Each year, as we await the turkey, we feast on platters of vibrant vegetables from the garden, juilienned in unique shapes, and served with healthy homemade dips.
Prescription For Wellness:
Begin every meal with raw, enzyme enhancing vegetables with either veggie sticks or a salad.
  • Enzymes: vegetables and leafy greens contain the natural enzymes we need to breakdown our food to boost digestion.
  • Alkalizing: our bodies thrive on alkaline foods (raw fruits and vegetables) that promote blood alkalinity and help counteract the effects of acidic waste production from metabolism.
  • Filling:  Loaded with fibre, vegetables will help to satiate you before the meal without stuffing you for the main course.

 4. You’ll utilize one of the healthiest superfoods of the season!

Move over kale (though we still love you): bone broth is the superfood of 2016 and we can get a head start with the leftover bones of our turkeys!
Prescription For Wellness:
  • Save the bones from your turkey and buy whole chickens to bake or visit your local butcher to purchase (some places will give them away for free) the otherwise discarded bones and make your own bone broth. It is simple to do and stuffed with health benefits including:
    • Digestive healing
    • Growth of new collagen, repair of damaged joints and pain reduction from the high levels of glucosamine
    • Encourages hair growth, glowing skin and strong nails as it is rich in collagen
    • Supports bone growth and repair, being high in calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

vegetable tray

5. You’ll avoid gobbling down your meal

The universal sign of a good feast: silence, as everyone slows down to taste the long-awaited meal, savour the flavours and enjoy every last forkful of turkey.

Prescription for Wellness:



6. You’ll take the time to anticipate your meals

It is my grandparent’s strategic tradition of fresh cider pressing to keep the family outside and away from the kitchen, fragrant with succulent turkey. It is a genius plan as the aromas warrant the wandering of guests, scouring the kitchen for any scrap of food they can manage to sneak. Though tempting, this anticipation of the meal is accompanied with a big health boost!

Phase 1 of digestion is the cephalic phase which occurs even before we begin to eat. It involves the brain signals of seeing, smelling and anticipating food which creates a catalyst of bodily reactions to prep us for the upcoming meal.

As you wait for your meal to be served, what happens? You start to salivate! This anticipation for our meal, signals to our body that food is coming which stimulates our entire digestive system. The greater the anticipation, the more effective this phase will be and ultimately, the better your digestion!

Prescription For Wellness:

  • Take a minute before eating to anticipate your meal by focussing on the sight and smell, for optimal digestion.

So there we go! Whether you channeled your inner stuffed turkey or navigated the feast like a seasoned pro, rest assured that this past weekend just made you that little bit healthier 🙂

 Off to steep bone broth,

Suzanne Eden

Pumpkin Pie Oats with Cinnamon Ice Cream

Just what the holistic nutritionist ordered: pumpkin pie & ice cream for breakfast!
Whether you are still in the spirit of Thanksgiving or just in love with the season of pumpkins, this sweet breakfast will banish cravings, reduce inflammation, and awaken your inner dessert-for=breakfast rebel to supercharge your morning.
pumpkin pie oats
Pumpkin as a superfood:
  • Fountain of youth
    • Potent in beta carotene, a powerful antioxidant to combat toxins and aging!
  • Immunity
    • Vitamins A, C, and K  coupled with beta carotene amp the immune boosting effect of pumpkin
  • Get the skinny
    • High in fibre and low in calories, this holiday staple will help to manage weight (Just not in your conventional pie)
Pump up the Nutrition!
  • This recipe calls for real pumpkin. At my house, we cook them up and bag the extras to put into the freezer and thaw later. This way you are super packing your breakfast with nutrition and avoiding the potential toxins of canned pumpkin.
  • Having used up my stores of chia seeds, this is a basic overnight oat recipe but the addition of  chia will charge this into a high fibre breakfast perfect for a post Thanksgiving gobble down .
Adventure Level: 2/5
Pumpkin Pie Oats:
1/2 cup rolled oats (I like Bob’s Red Mill)
1/2 cup almond milk
4 tbsp pumpkin puree
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/8th tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp alcohol free vanilla
1/8th – 1/4 tsp freshly grated ginger
pinch of cloves
pinch of Himalayan salt
Liquid Stevia to taste (I like Sweet Leaf alcohol free)
Ice cream:
1 Frozen Banana
Cinnamon to taste
Combine all oat pie ingredients and put in a glass jar to refrigerate overnight. In the morning, set the oats out and blend the frozen banana until creamy. The more powerful the blender, the faster and easier this will be. Add cinnamon until satisfied, top your oats and enjoy!
The Tasty Switch Up:
What you see above is topped with raw cacao nibs for a little crunch. I later added an organic apple from our tree, simply dicing it up and layering it between the pie and the ice cream for a sweet and juicing contrast of fall flavours.
With full permission to indulge your inner rebel with dessert for breakfast,
Suzanne Eden

Manifest Monday // Thanks – Giving Edition

On the menu this Thanksgiving? We’re dishing out a hearty serving of gratitude to brighten our day and those around us.  From succulent turkey to creamy pie, and a whole roast, ahem, *host* of family in between, there is so much to be thankful for. We’ve already explored the theme of gratitude with a gratitude journal and the swear jar challenge to health here.

This Manifest Monday, we’re feasting on a juicy challenge to unite the dinner table and keep the giving flowing. It is Thanks-giving after all. It’s gratitude to the next level; taking our inner thanks off the page and expressing it outward! Take a big, wholesome slice into your manifest Monday, Thanks – Giving edition.

Country side

A Dish Best Served Hot

Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.
~ James Matthew Barrie
  • Inner gratitude expands when it becomes outward. How often do you think to yourself “wow, thank you” when someone does something but don’t say it out loud? Or sometimes you do but it comes more out of habit than sincerity. Everyone needs a little appreciation. Appreciation is what drives us and when we give it to another, we receive it ourselves. Give more and you will receive more.

Uniting The Dinner Table

  • Studies consistently show that gratitude strengthens the formation and maintenance of the relationship between the giver and receiver. Have you ever met someone you were unsure about and as soon as they complimented you, your perception of them was instantly elevated? It’s been shown that this bond goes beyond the short interaction and may lead to stronger relationships 6 months later. How to unite the Thanksgiving table? Express your gratitude!

Gratitude on the Brain

  • Neuroscience has only just started to touch on the effect of gratitude in our mind. When we express gratitude, the “pleasure centers” of our brain light up. These pleasure centers release dopamine, the feel good hormone that causes that gratifying “high” we receive in return.
  • When we receive this gratitude, the same pleasure centers light up, making us feel good but the giving continues. Not only is dopamine the “reward” hormone but it makes us more likely to reciprocate the deed. Cut the turkey, this simply means that when we receive gratitude, we are more likely to pass it on, making it a Thanksgiving to keep on giving!
“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”
— William Arthur Ward

The Thanks-Giving Challenge

  • Today have the intention to make your gratitude leap off the page. Say it out louid! Your challenge today is to say “thank you” to every single person you come in contact with. It can be for anything, from something small like carving the turkey to something big. Start first by thinking of what it is about them that you are grateful for. Let it come from a truly honest and thankful space and then let them know it! Appreciation is infectious.
5 Ways to Increase Your Thanks:
  • Hold their gaze
  •  Speak clearly
  •  Smile
  •  Add a personal touch – make contact in some way, even by simply by touching the person’s arm
  •  Say their name
To all of you reading, following and reaching out to me via email or otherwise, THANK YOU! Truly, from the bottom of my heart. I cannot thank you enough and I hope I can repay you in healthy, chocolate covered treats and health tidbits 🙂
With so much gratitude I wish you all a healthy, happy Thanks-giving!
Suzanne Eden

Holistic Life Hacks // 18 Tricks to Leave the Stuffing to the Turkey

Do you show up to Thanksgiving in an oversized sweater and stretchable waist line pants? We’ve all been there. One look at the mouth-watering buffet of hot steaming dishes and golden, aromatic turkey and our eyes swell to ten times the size of our stomach. This binging, however, can wreak havoc on our health, leaving us feeling as though we became the turkey: dead meat tired and over stuffed! Keep the pants fitting this Thanksgiving as I dish out your holistic guide to leave the table with your body feeling as grateful as your taste buds.

What Over Stuffing Ourselves Can Do

Think back to the famous I Love Lucy candy factory episode (or check it out on YouTube for a hearty laugh). Remember the chocolate assembly line? Think of that as the food coming into your system and your digestive system as the workers. At first, food comes and your body is taking care of it just fine. But then it just keeps coming, and coming, and your digestive system starts to fall behind. All of a sudden the food starts coming in faster and your body goes into overtime working incredibly hard to keep up but it falls further behind until you come out looking like you’ve just stuffed a dozen chocolates down your uniform!
When we eat more than we can handle, our stomach stretches, putting pressure on our internal organs (it’s uncomfortable enough for you, just think how your organs  are feeling), we put strain on our digestive system and we don’t properly digest our food, causing gas and bloating.

Fun fact: Why do you feel tired after a turkey dinner? 

Many people blame this effect on the high levels of tryptophan in the turkey which is converted to the sleep promoting hormone in our bodies. But don’t be so hasty to put the blame there.
It may not be the turkey… 
Our digestion requires a lot of energy from our bodies, so when overloaded, it zaps our energy leaving us wanting to curl up next to the turkey for a snooze.
The fix? Here are my top holistic life hacks to leave the stuffing to the turkey
1) Take a Load Off: 
  • one of your ultimate secret weapons: digestive enzymes! Using digestive enzymes will help your body digest the food that it’s not used to. Please note: these do not assist enough for you to eat more than usual, but they will help take a load off your digestive system.
2) Eat a Metabolism Boosting, High Fibre Breakfast
  • Dont skip breakfast! By the time you hit dinner you will be so hungry that you could eat the entire buffet by yourself… and you will probably come pretty close. Eat a breakfast full of fibre to boost your metabolism and speed digestion up that night.
3) Sample
  • Taking smaller portions allows you to enjoy the food more, eases your digestion and you can pick your favourite if you want seconds instead of trying to cram in the last morsel of “so-so” casserole you were all too hasty with in the first round.
4) Mind Tricks
  • Using a smaller plate will help to keep portion size in check.
5) Healthy Dipping
  • Healthy dips are universal “do it all” little wonders. They convert seamlessly from dips, to spreads, to salad dressings by adding some olive oil or apple cider vinegar. These are delicious ways to cut back on the hidden and unnecessary junk that is in conventional dips and dressings (and can even replace the gravy!).
6) Go lean
  • It’s been estimated that on average we may consume around 3 000 more calories than usual. 3 000! Thanksgiving also tends to be a very fatty meal from the obvious gravy to the hidden butters and creams in stuffings, cassoroles etc. Go lean, go easy on these hidden stores of fat, and load up on veggies (no added butter), turkey without the gravy (or maybe just a splash) and any whole food options available.
7) Speaking of turkey…
  • Protein will help you to feel full faster. Just remember that this is also difficult for the body to digest but there is definitely space for it on your plate.
8) Be thankful, be present
  • Truly taste your food. The more we gorge, the less we taste and the more food we will want. Being present with our food and truly savouring it will bring more of an experience than habit to the table. It is not just about eating, but about savouring. Gratitude also puts you in a calm state, an optimal mentality to be in control of your mind and your plate.
9)  Be a socialite
  • Ever notice how as soon as the food is placed in front of us, the dinner table becomes a vow of silence as everyone scarfs down their meal? Sign of a good dinner, right? But really, this is the time to be social. It will slow you down so you chew more and this? Well…
10) Chew on this
  • The more we chew, the less our bodies have to do. Typically around 35-40 chews is what we have been told but this isn’t always sufficient, especially with chewy pieces of turkey. The real rule if thumb: chew until the meal is pulverized. Mush so to speak. As unappetizing as that sounds, it will actually allow the flavours to commingle and strengthen in your mouth so you get the full flavour while giving your body longer to register if it’s full.
11) Drink up – but not at dinner.
  • Drinking water will help to create the illusion of fullness to help you reduce your food intake. Just refrain from drinking a half hour before your meal and not for another hour after eating for optimal digestion.
11) Leave the stimulants be
  • Stimulants such as alcohol and coffee will interfere with the digestion of your food and should be completely avoided. If you must, a little sip of red wine should do the trick.
12) Practice food combining 
  • Stay away from mixing heavy starches and protein as much as possible. Of course, it’s bound to happen but focus more on the turkey and cut back on the potatoes, breads, and other starches.
 13) Go dairy free.
  • It is ridiculously easy to swap almond or coconut milk for regular milk in a recipe as they work the same and you can’t taste the difference. Virgin Coconut oil is your perfect substitute for butter.
14) The Thanksgiving that just keeps giving
  • Every year my family gathers at my grandparents’ farm for Thanksgiving where we make fresh cider from their apple orchards and enjoy juicy, free range, organic, hormone and antibiotic free turkey. But we don’t feel the need to cram it all in, why? Because we buy our own turkey to cook and enjoy at home for the next couple of weeks. The stuffing, gravy etc, is left out so that it’s the Thanksgiving that just keeps giving.
15) Did Someone Say Seconds?
  • Leave twenty minutes before helping yourself to seconds. This gives time for your brain to register how hungry you are  and allows your food to start digesting before you add more (if you still feel you need more).
16) You don’t have to eat it all
  • Did you know that? It may sound silly but we often forget this. Take a pass on the things that you don’t really want and enjoy the things you do want.
17) Walk it off 
  • A walk will help to stimulate your digestion and get things moving. Wait about an hour after eating to allow your stomach to settle before you get things churning.
18) Peppermint tea 
  • Your perfect post dinner treat: peppermint tea. This delicious tea will not only help you to curb dessert cravings by giving you something to enjoy but peppermint tea also aids in digestion! Oh… and it will hydrate you too! Keep a bag of this in your back pocket, and maybe a few more to share!
So there you have it! Your quicker than turkey guide to avoid feeling like the turkey. Get the giving flowing and share these simple, do-able tips with family and friends so no one is rolling away from the dinner table. It is Thanksgiving after all 😉
Dishing out some holistic tips for a happy healthy holiday,
Suzanne Eden

A warm and fruity twist on fresh apple cider


It’s a thanksgiving tradition in my crazy, wonderful family to make fresh cider with the apples from my grandparent’s orchard and one I eagerly anticipate every year. There is nothing quite like that personal connection with your food and nature. This year we used vibrant red apples, nearly the size of my head, and more normal sized yellow ones, my personal favourite with a slightly sour tang. Any blend of apples will create its own unique taste of cider, you cant go wrong. A few apples stolen to munch on and some elbow grease later and you have a beautiful drink ready to sip and savour. After tasting fresh cider, I can promise  that you will never again be satisfied with store bought. It is so worthwhile to find a nearby orchard that sells their own fresh cider. Not only does it taste incredible but it’s much healthier too.


Here is a fresh, warm take on a classic treat:

Organic apple cider
1 cinnamon stick (optional)
1 organic fruity tea bag


For the tea bag I used one with cranberry, raspberry, rosehips, and a few other flavours but anything fruity will do.

Simply warm the cider at medium heat with your cinnamon stick until it’s lightly steaming. Remove the stick and pour cider over your tea bag in a mug, allowing it to steep to taste. That’s it! So simple, so incredibly delicious. You can also sprinkle a little cinnamon in there.


Thanksgiving was truly magical this year. I was surrounded by family, an incredibly gorgeous day, autumn hiking through the back trails of their farm, turkey, dairy free pumpkin pie, bear hugs with the birthday girl (my cousin with me in the photo above)… stop me before this becomes half of the article! What were you grateful for? Better yet, what are you grateful for right now?! Thanksgiving is a perfect reminder for us to be in a constant state of gratitude. After all, with home-cooked turkey and family, who couldn’t be? It is one of the most powerful forces and when you begin to live in a state of gratitude, you will attract to you more things to be grateful for.

“Be grateful for what you have now. As you begin to think about all the things in your life you are grateful for, you will be amazed at the never ending thoughts that come back to you of more things to be grateful for. You have to make a start, and then the law of attraction will receive those grateful thoughts and give you more just like them.”

– Rhonda Byrne – The Secret

Thanksgiving should be everyday, in every moment. I keep a gratitude journal on my bed side table to write at least three things that I’m grateful for every night before I sleep, though it always turns into a full length page at least. When we begin to see in gratitude, we begin to live in gratitude.

With much loving gratitude for you,
Suzanne Eden