(201)6+ Gifts For Every Wellness Enthusiast On Our List

‘Tis the season of giving!

And for your holistically savvy minded, it’s a season bursting with stockings of fresh fruit, wrappings of recycled newspaper with handcrafted bows, and unwrappings of superfoods, salt lamps and Spoonks! With us, we are all for unveiling an extra dose of “health” knowing that these are the gifts that just keep giving.

So in honor of the wellness enthusiasts in our lives, this is our 2016 Holistic Gift Guide!

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For The Eco-conscious Collector

This is the individual who knows the holidays are for giving back to the environment as much as each other.


  • Earthy materials– the lure to all of us who crave the wilderness. For us, we bring the great outdoors in! You could give a plant/terrarium (doubling as decor and air filtration), or gifts made of earthly/refurbished materials such as a burlap pillow. Embellished with an inspirational message..? So much the better!


  • Eco Food Finds:
    •  Grocery bags:
      • Forget purses! These are the obsessions of every nutritionist. Nowadays these cute, reusable shopping bags come with compartments,  insulation to maintain fresh produce, and some look like a shoulder bag you may sport to your next nutrition workshop. It’s the gift you know will be put to good use!
    • Glass/Stainless steel lunch containers
      • If your friend-in-mind sports a glass mason jar wherever they go, this is a guaranteed hit! Gifting for kids or the clumsy? Opt for the stainless steel lunch set below.
    • Radius “Source” Toothbrushes
      • made of recycled paper/wood/currency and equipped with a disposable “head,” it reduces waste by 93% and makes an ideal stocking stuffer.
      • Shop HERE.


The Mad Scientist

Ah yes. Here in their kitchen you will find mason jars of fermenting kimchi in the cupboards and bubbling kombuchas on the counter-tops. This is the person who makes you think twice before assuming that something moldy-looking isn’t a super-food concoction in creation!


Kombucha brewing jar / SCOBY / Kefir Grains

  • A large glass jar will do too, but new and improved Kombucha brewing units have been surfacing as this popular drink has become the wellness world’s newest DIY. SCOBY’s can be purchased online or potentially at a local health food store. *Tip: even if they don’t sell them, some health food stores can order them in for you.
  • New to the fermenting forum? Opt for kefir grains which are much easier to start!

 The ACTIVEist

This is for the individual who can’t sit still. The hopeless fidgeter, the yoga frequenter, the “always on the go.” They know the value of movement and RLS seems to be their steady state. Sound familiar? Well, have I got a gift for you…


The Zenergy Chair!

  • Allow me to explain… these chairs BOUNCE! 😀 This was my favourite find at The Alexander Grand Bell Museum in Cape Breton – who knew? And I have been obsessed with them ever since!
  • These office chair substitutes offer the detoxifying benefits of a rebounder and work your core to improve your posture. They also boost productivity by increasing blood flow to the brain.
    • For my favourite (the Zenergy chair) shop HERE.
    • For a more affordable option, look for the Gaiam chair.


The Curator Of Creature Comforts

This is for all things cozy! For the relaxation, the rejuvenation and nights nuzzled in by a burning fire.


  • This concentrated green tea powder is to a wellness enthusiast what festive lattes are to a coffee lover. We adore this stuff! Being on the pricer side, it makes a great treat to give as a gift, ideal for those who desire the companion of calming L-theanine for their lounging.



  • In my philosophy: one can never have too many notebooks! As an avid journaler, I have a real obsession for cute notebooks. The ones that inspire you to grab your pen and crack the pages before bed. The cuter, the brighter, the more recycled, the better!

From Us To You

  • For the soundtracks of the season! This has quickly become one of our favourite albums of the year and I had the pleasure of seeing my friends perform it on stage this week.
  • Delivering both a festive cover and the feature of local talents, you can have a listen and purchase your copy HERE.

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 Looking for more? Check out last year’s Wellness Wish List.

Wether by Zenergy chair (*winkwink) or otherwise, I hope this list keeps everyone bouncing for joy on Christmas morn! 😉

Suzanne Eden