Raw Lemon Raspberry Velvety Cream Chocolates

A sweet, fully raw Friday fix for you this morning!

 What began as a mouth-watering vision became a master piece of a white canvas shirt splattered in chocolate with raspberry dipped sleeves and a kitchen devoured by cashews and chocolate, lemon juice and raspberry bits. Let me assure you, it was worth every bit of the demolished shirt and stomach overstuffed from recipe tasting for these decadent bites.   But with such a rich dessert, one or two of these will satisfy your taste buds and what’s more? The high quality fats of the cashews will keep you satiated, meaning you’ll consume less and feel satisfied for longer. With a rich chocolate coating and burst of velvety, refreshing cream,  these sweet treats will satisfy both your taste buds and  your body!
I am thrilled to announce that I initially made these to be featured in the upcoming Jesse Lane cookbook but I’ve had permission to share them with you on here first! The second time I made them (learning my lesson and salvaging my remaining white shirts) was for my brother and new sister- in- law’s celebration of their recent wedding. They had the most gorgeous day anyone could ask for and enough leftover food to last them a month.
Don’t let them fool you, though a little time-consuming, these chocolates are easy!

Why We Steer Clear of Packaged Chocolates

  • Sugar and dairy and soy, oh my!
    • Packaged chocolates are typically bite sized morsels of decadent death. Just about everything we are trying to avoid for optimal health and wellness is morphed into these sneakily small packages.
  • Small but mighty
    • Being very tiny, we psychologically underestimate their effect. This can happen in a few ways: We end up eating more than we think, we underestimate their effect to wreak havoc on our bodies. (how could something so small be so harmful?) and we feel we need more of it in order to satisfy our sweet tooth.
  • Post munch slump
    • These chocolates will spike our blood sugar causing us to crave more sweets once, shortly after, our blood sugar crashes taking our energy levels with it.
These raw homemade chocolates are designed to combat these common issues:
  • Moderation here won’t be a problem as the fat content of the cashews will help to prevent a major spike in our blood sugar. It will also create a psychological feeling of satiety to help you feel full faster and keep you full longer. This is further enhanced by the richness of the cream, psychologically signalling your sweet tooth satisfaction.
  • How do we curb a sweet tooth? By increasing the healthy fat and protein content of our diet. These chocolates do just that with the cashews helping to curb your sweet needs without overindulgence.
  • They are dairy free, soy free, palm oil free, preservative free & refined sugar-free. This is a treat worthy of your body!
Where Pleasure Meets Quality
Cramming as much health in as possible:
It all comes down to properly sourcing your products. Here’s how to keep them satisfying your taste buds as well as your health:
  • Cashews – cashews are a definite treat as they have a high toxicity warning. However, they make for a great occasional treat that a healthy body will be able to handle. What to look for: raw, unsalted, organic cashews in an air tight container. Be sure to check your sourcing as most some raw cashews have in fact gone through some heat processing at some point during their manufacturing. And the air tight casing? This means no Bulk Barn. When left exposed to air, the delicate oils in nuts and seeds will go rancid, turning these beautifully healthy fats into holistic nightmares that will wreak havoc on your health and waistline.
  • Chocolate: Look for a raw, organic, vegan and soy free dark chocolate bar. You want at least 70% dark chocolate as the higher the content, the less sugar is added in. Also, aim for sweeteners such as coconut sugar instead of cane sugar. Coconut sugar is low on the glycemic index so it won’t spike your blood sugar the way other sweeteners will.
  • Lemon : this recipe calls for the rind and so it’s imperative that you purchase organic produce as the rind is where you’ll find the toxins and that’s just not an appealing ingredient in any dish.
  • Honey : Look for a high quality, raw honey from a pure source. You will typically need to look to your health food store rather than the conventional supermarket. A good quality honey is abundance in sweet nutrients.


Lemon Raspberry Velvety Cream Chocolates


1 cup cashews
5 tbsp fresh lemon juice
½ tsp lemon zest
1 tsp vanilla extract (alcohol free)
1 cup frozen raspberries
3 tsp honey
1 tbsp melted coconut oil
Pinch of salt
1-2 of your favourite vegan, soy free, dark chocolate bars


  • Soak cashews in 2 cups of water for 2-4 hours. Drain.
  • Combine all ingredients, excluding the chocolate, in a food processor until smooth and creamy.
  • In a pan over low heat, melt the chocolate bar in a little coconut oil to avoid burning.
  • Fill ice cube trays with a soft, pushable bottom or chocolate molds with some of the chocolate, pour a dab (I pipped mine in for ease but either way will work) of the lemon raspberry cream in the centre and pour the rest of the chocolate over-top, just enough to cover the cream.
  • Pop in the fridge to cool and set overnight.
  • In the morning, carefully remove (you may need to leave the out of the fridge for 10-20minutes first) and savour! Store in the fridge to avoid oxidation of your delicious fats and to keep these chocolates fresh.
The lemon squeeze:
A funny thing happened when we tried these and you can weigh in too. My family came back to our house to try some left over chocolates. Some of my eager taste testers experienced far more lemon, others far more raspberry. It seemed a different flavour took precedence for each person.
I am personally a raspberry, I find the raspberry hits a strong flavour on my tongue with a subtle enhancement of lemon.
Are you team lemon or team raspberry?
The switch up:
There are so many inventive ways to use this cream cheese like filling. Here are a few:
  • Raw Lemon raspberry cheesecake using a nut and date crust
  • Raw Cake/Cupcake frosting

 Seat of the soul

As we move into the tail end of the week, how has your practice of gratitude come? Did you notice a lot of absentminded negativity during the swear jar challenge? This is normal. The good news is that in the same way negativity can compress into habit, positivity can expand into habit. This is what the gratitude journal is doing for you: shifting your focus, developing habits that serve you and expanding your positive energy. You can only invite more positives into your life!
Need something to put in your gratitude journal this weekend? Make these chocolates, savour a few, and pass them on!
In decadent spatters of chocolate & raspberry,
Suzanne Eden