Earth Day & Birthdays // 5 Small Steps To Small Ecological Footprints

Happy (belated) Earth Day readers!

It was a busy week from reunions to yesterday’s CN tower climb and  Wednesday was consumed by  a flurry of chocolate and coconut flour and strawberries to make this cake for a very special birthday, but I still can’t resist an Earth Day inspired post!



A holistic lifestyle is all encompassing and stretches well beyond our plates. It is both wonderful and terrifying to comprehend the profound impact we make on our ecosystems through the simple act of eating, which we do everyday, three times a day and I am adamant about not only eating for our own health but for the health of the planet.  Afterall, it is our responsibility to be green both on and off our plates and the wonderful thing is that it can be easy with small steps to small ecological footprints!
beach bends
Just imagine what would happen if we flipped our perspective to see every meal, three times a day, 365 days a year as the ripe opportunity to stand up for what we stand on. These are a few “piece of gluten-free, dairy-free cake” ways to start making a profound difference immediately, towards a more sustainable way of eating that benefits our bodies and planet alike and with that;

Here are a few of my favourite holistic life hacks for a healthy diet and healthy planet!

1. Eat Whole – Plan(e)t Powered

  • Americans discard an estimated 570 million pounds of food packaging every single day! And let’s face it, much of that packaging  is entirely unnecessary.  This excessive packaging of processed foods is typically comprised of unsustainable materials and energy intensive processes.
  • Whole food requires no packaging or processing. It’s simply real food as nature intended and the only “waste” is the scraps that are fed to your guinea pig or decompose to provide nutrients to our soil.

wholefood salad

2. Utilize reusable bags (or oversized purses)

  • The second option here is one of the many perks of having a purse the size of a shopping bag, especially when you’ve forgotten the reusable one at home or are attempting to sneak healthy snacks (or entire steak dinners if you were so inclined) into the movie theater. But men, you can stick to the reusable bags if you’d like.
  • Plastic bags take anywhere from 15-1000 years to decompose! What’s more, they are estimated to cost us around 12 million barrels of oil a year to produce and only about 15% of these bags are recycled world-wide. What happens to them? If not recycled they end up in landfills and oceans.

3. BPA plastic free (non pavement proof) mason jars

  • Ah, mason jars, my favourite! I use them for just about everything; water, kefir water, culturing sauerkraut, or portable salads, you name it! With glass, you don’t have to worry about toxic compounds such as BPA that leach from plastics. They also last much longer, provided you don’t test their resiliency on your car dealership’s parking lot pavement.
  • Tossable, plastic water bottles use a considerable amount of fossil fuel from both production and transportation and wind up filling our landfills. Bonus: by using reusable water bottles you save money too!

mason jars

The above is true “vitamin water” with blueberries | Lemon | Garden mint leaves

4. Pass on the plastic

  • It is easy to bring a reusable bag (or purse) but what about the sneaky plastics that find their way home with you? Simple! When shopping, take a pass on the little plastic produce bags. You will have to wash your fruits and vegetables regardless, save the plastic and throw the goodies right into your cart!

5. Eat local and in season

  • According to David Suzuki, the average meal currently travels 1200 km from the farm to plate.  One of the best ways to reduce the costly pollution from transportation and give you the most bang for your buck for health is to eat local and in season as much as possible. As Micheal Pollan once said:

“Skake the hand that feeds you”

  • When food is picked to travel distances, it is picked before its prime to avoid spoiling on the long trip over. This, however, is against nature’s design and will show up in the nutrient value (or lack thereof). When you buy local and in season you are eating foods that you were designed to eat at that time and they are picked in their prime! Perk: this typically offers greater taste as well!


Eating should be at one with our environment and feed not only our own health and vitality but also the sustainability of our Earth and it’s a piece of holistic cake! These are just 5 ways you can make to have a big impact with a few small changes. Afterall, Earth Day truly is everyday 🙂

Stepping towards a smaller footprint,

Suzanne Eden

Prescription For Wellness // 5 Reasons To Get Your Dose Of Vitamin SEA & Thalassotherapy At Home

We interrupt the April showers for a brief dip into paradise! At 27 degrees today, it was a day dedicated to being outside in the sun and warmth, for yoga and dog walks and transforming the beach into my personal office space.

Around here, we’ll settle for a beautiful beach day on the lake, but if you have the opportunity to sunbathe near an ocean or sea (where dipping a toe in the unpolluted water doesn’t pose the potential risk of emerging with an extra extremity) so much the better! This highly ionized, mineral rich water flow is the ultimate vitamin and coupled with vitamin D from the sun, it is no wonder beaches are a therapeutic escape and this week’s prescription for wellness!

vitamin SEA

 With the term Thalassotherapy used to coin the healing effect of the sea, this is by no surprise my all time favourite vitamin and here is every excuse you need to swim into a big, healing prescription of vitamin SEA;


1. From SEA to ZZZ

  • The negative ions (anions) in sea water may amplify the oxygen flow to our brains and cause biochemical reactions that can boost our body’s natural production of serotonin. When combined, we experience elevated mood, increased energy during the day and a more rejuvenating sleep by night.
  • What are ions?:  negatively or positively charged atoms or molecules.

2. Multi vitamin

  • We are not just what we eat but what our bodies eat too. One route of absorption is through our skin and why we need to take careful note of the products that we expose ourselves to on a daily basis.
  • Sea water contains minerals such as magnesium, potassium and iodine which may assist in cleansing the body and boosting our immune systems.

Skin deep

  • The largest organ of our body, sea water  can help to diminish skin conditions such as acne and eczema and leave our skin feeling silky smooth. This may come from several factors: the cleansing properties of sea water assist in detoxifying the body and reducing inflammation, it may also help to dry out the affected area while providing minerals that promote proper balance of the skin. Another theory suggests that the salt is a powerful antibacterial agent to minimize the spread of bacteria and purify our pores.
  • Note: while some natural drying of the skin may help to reduce acne, it is essential to replace your natural balance of sebum with an all natural moisturizer. My favorite being a mixture of coconut and vitamin E oil.

Relaxation – A long walk on the beach

  • The magnesium in sea water assists in the relaxation of muscles and mind, coupled with the rejuvenating benefits of swimming and the sound of the waves, which alter brain patterns to provide a state of deep relaxation.

Sunny Disposition

  • It is difficult to isolate just one component of the beach that is responsible for its uplifting effects on our moods. It may be with thanks to a rush of negative ions, increased oxygen flow to the brain, or the relaxation effect which calms our mind. Whatever the reason, it takes no more than a rejuvenating beach day to have all the evidence we need that the sea is a powerful mood enhancer!


Though the sea was out of the question today, the beach was calling and you can imagine my thrill as the snow has melted away and the water hurled itself against the rocks as this evening’s storm clouds rolled in. And so if you too find yourself on a Canadian lake, you can still reap the benefits of the sea through:
  • Meditative sea music
  • Epsom salt baths
  • Visualizations


Diving into a holistic dose of vitamin SEA,

Suzanne Eden

Your Holistic Survival Guide & Energizing Kale Lemonade Smoothie For A Blended Week On Turbo

To my fellow readers and owners of Vitamix blenders, you are all too familiar I’m sure, of the initiation right that accompanies these powerful blenders. The one that encompasses splattered walls, tie-dyed shirts and dripping ceilings. The reason I am not to be trusted in the hands of a blender with a turbo setting.

This week went a little something like that.

A week on turbo, blended with meetings and clients and Wednesday’s  international teleconference to yesterday morning’s workshop. Into the mix came a flurry of lemons and as many green things that could possibly squeeze into my blender to boost energy levels and keep my immune system strong as my sleep dwindled. On these high-speed weeks, it is vital that we keep our lids on to avoid a messy explosion and this article will show you how!

Now I admit that it was a challenge to pull myself out of bed this morning at 5:30am and last night was spent with considerable time on the couch contemplating how to negotiate my way up the stairs to bed. My body is exhausted but  I have managed to find enough energy until my rejuvenating and long awaited full nights sleep tonight.  Though I hope these weeks for you are few and far between, when they do arise I want you to be able to make it through with energy and without the dreaded sickness that often awaits you at the end.
  • With these hopes, this is your holistic survival guide to your weeks on turbo!
  • 1. Energizing Mornings
  • A proper start to the day is essential for lasting energy. No matter how early, there is always energy to be found in a cleansing warm lemon water with cayenne pepper followed by a green smoothie.
  • Lemon water will boost metabolism, hydrate and improve energy production at a cellular level.
  • Smoothies are easily digestible (less energy for digestion = more energy for you!) and provide a readily available zap of energizing nutrients to the body. My favourite smoothie this week is with thanks to my mystery valentine who left a bouquet for me on Valentine’s Day after this post: – we all thank you!


  • 2. Lavender
  • Essentially” the best smelling conference I have ever attended. Yesterday I was in a room diffused with peppermint and smelling essential oils to my heart’s (or nose’s) content. Though peppermint and citrus are next on my list, lavender is my current household favourite and with over 200 constituents it is my top recommendation for anyone looking to experiment with these oils.
  • The aroma has a calming and relaxing effect on the body
  • Apply lavender to the back of the neck and temples to help ease muscle tension
  • A few drops on your pillow case will calm a busy mind & promote a restful sleep


  • 3. ACTIVEist


  • Of course there was yoga, and lots of it! My mat is permanently sprawled out on my floor waiting for me as soon as I find a work break to ease tension, reduce stress and provide mental clarity.
  • My favourite exercise in the morning, however, is a run on the rebounder. There are few reasons that exercise takes presidence as one of the most important components of energy control. Exercise:
    • Stimulates blood flow for increased energy
    • Increases oxygen flow to the brain for mental stamina
    • Aerobic exercise promotes mitochondrial production in the body


  • 4. Adrenal Support


  • Cue my international teleconference on adrenal fatigue that I put on for practitioners across the globe on Wednesday! Our adrenal glands need extra support in times of mental and physical stress. A good adrenal support formula includes both adaptogens (herbs that help the body to cope with stress) such as Rhodiola and Ashwaganda and adrenal glandulars. My favourite: AORs Otho Adapt.


  • 5. Vitamin C and D

Both essential to support and boost the immune system in times of stress.

  • As stress increases, the need for vitamin C increases to counteract the harmful effects and reduce the release of stress hormones in chronic stress.
  • Vitamin D is especially important to supplement through the winter as we do not get nearly enough sun exposure and it is essential for immunity and stress management.



Energizing Kale Lemonade Smoothie

  • 1 banana
  • 1/2 organic lemon (peeled)
  • 1 green apple
  • 2 leaves of curly kale
  • 1/4-1/2 C coconut water to desired consistency


Blend all ingredients on Turbo… Just be sure the lid is on first!

  • Holistic Life Hacks:
    • By the time I had received my kale it was a frozen ice block, so once it thawed I popped it into the freezer to preserve it and blend it into smoothies. This is the perfect trick to any greens you think might soon go bad.
    • Save the stems! I don’t like to waste any part of food if I can help it. Tough but loaded with nutrients and fibre, I save my stems and steam them later with carrots and broccoli, coconut oil and sea salt.

To keeping our lids on through our blended turbo weeks,

Suzanne Eden

Manifest Monday // A Charles Dickens Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come (a Movement in Sustainability)

Tis the season of bulging stockings and empty wallets. Abundance in consumerism but a depleted earth. Admist a surplus of materialism, what are we truly giving? Where is our planet, the giver of all things, falling amongst the intricate wrapping and shiny bows? With financial stress and strains, it is no wonder so many have found the Bah-Humbug of Embinesor Scrooge. Perhaps, just like our friend, all we need to do is realise that the future does not have to be as we see it now if only we wake up and make a change.


I belive in the good things coming

Dear readers,

Now before we begin, let me assure you, I am an absolute christmas fanatic and in no way am I saying that gift giving is wrong. It is a wonderful thing when it comes from a loving place, in moderation and done right, can give back to the environment too. Thats where I see us heading too in the furture; a greener, more sustainble, balanced celebration with less gifts and more presence.


Christmas is a time of giving. YES! But we’ve come to a shift. A shift from  giving away our money, our sanity, and our planet’s natural resources to giving back to the environment instead. Are you ready for a green christmas?!  The true spirit of Christmas, afterall, lies beneath the wrappings and gift bows and even, dare I say it, the feast of festive food! The most meaningful part of it all is family coming together for the gift of unity. Yes, that gift. The gift that cannot be manufactured, shipped across seas and stamped with a price tag.


FACT: Our world cannot sustain Christmas as it is now and we are the ones who are going to change that!


Unlike Scrooge, without a grim attired spirit to directly show us our fates to come, we can turn a blind eye to buying so many things, especially when it’s a cultural tradition. In psychology we often relate this to a phenomena known as cognitive dissonance. This occurs when our belief systems do not match up with our realities. We understand that Christmas is harmful for the earth yet our behaviours are in complete contradiction to this. What do we do? As humans, we strive to maintain balance between our beliefs and realities  and so we have a choice. We can either:

  • A) Become a Krank (from Christmas with the Kranks) and decide to opt out of Christmas altogether
  • B) celebrate Christmas in an actively sustainable, unconventional way
  • C) not pay attention to our environmental impact and put more mental focus on the “stuff” and gift giving and wrapping

When we feel overwhelmed or that there is little we can do, we naturally revert to the option of least resistance. In this case, likely option C, the one we are often accustomed to. But that isn’t to say that just like our dear Scrooge we can’t turn this around, we can! All we need to do is wake up.

The STATutory Holidaze

According to stats Canada’s annual Christmas by the Numbers feature for 2012:

  • 230.2 million – value of christmas decorations imported to Canada (the majority coming from… you guessed it, China)
  • 4.4 Billion – the value of food and drink purchased
    • Us Canadians happen to be one of the highest ranking in food waste
  • $548.9 million — The value of televisions and audio and video equipment purchased in Canada in December 2012. (just Tvs, audio and video equipment alone).

The Story of Stuff

First things first; in waking ourselves up, we need to understand why we want to do it. Just as gripping as a Christmas carol, the story of stuff is a beautifully illustrated representation of the past, present and future of our consumerist economy. We can begin this Christmas to head towards a better system, a more sustainable, holistic system that gives to everyone, including our earth and fellow inhabitants. Afterall, where are Santa and his reindeer going to live when they can no longer call a melted North Pole home?

This is an absolute must watch video that’s cute, fun and extremely informative!

So now that we’re a little more informed, what do we do about this? That’s truly the big ticket item here after all. Here are a few tips to reduce our cognitive dissonance:

1. One foot in front of the other
Just as I recommend for your diet, take on one thing at a time. When we become overwhelmed, we feel a lack of control on our situation and will often revert back to our old habits, these are safe, these we know. Creating new habits takes time. Put one foot in front of the other and soon you are well on your way to a greener Christmas!

2. Make the chosen path more valuable and enjoyable

This is all about shifting our focus. Think of how amazing it feels to know that you are celebrating Christmas while doing good for the earth!

3. Consistent Beliefs

Become conscious, from here on out, with what you are purchasing. Lets keep in mind what we need instead of want, what we can give instead of get and what will benefit us and our earth for future generations to come. Is it ethical, sustainable, or is there a better choice? Make the best choices you can. Now that your actions are in line with your beliefs, you won’t experience that discomforting dissonance.

These are just a few tips (with more specific ones to come) to get you moving towards greener, more sustainable Christmases to come! We want the future glowing as bright as the energy efficient Christmas lights that are used sparingly around your festive home!

With loving steps to a greener future,
Suzanne Eden

Manifest Monday // 17 Reasons Why There’s No Place Like OM

Lotus and silence and peace, oh my!


One of the single, most powerful ways to revolutionize  your health; mind, body and spirit? Meditation! It’s free, it’s always accessible to you and you need nothing more than, well, you!  There is no need for a witch’s ruby slippers, your somewhere over the rainbow is right here. Simply come to lotus and repeat: “there’s no place like om, there’s no place like om, there’s no place like om”

summer om

From reduced anxiety to increased happiness, we’ve all heard the benefits of meditation, but here is a round up of my favourite great and powerful reasons to get meditating every single day:
1. The fountain of youth
  • Meditation has been shown to increase the length of your telomeres (the “caps” at the ends of your chromosomes) which slows aging and is a strong indicator of longevity. This occurs by way of your increased ability to manage stress and encourages feelings of well being which in turn promotes the health of your telomeres to lengthen them. No munchkin telomeres here!
2. More effective than Morphine
  • Meditation has been found to be more effective than morphine, a drug that is toxic and harmful to the body, by reducing pain by up to 50%!

3. Better for children with ADHD than amphetamines

  • This is according to a 2011 report in the Mind and Brain – The Journal of Psychiatry here:

4. Take it to the classroom

  • Meditation for children has been shown to
    • Reduce exam stress levels
    • Improve concentration
    • Increase attendance
    • Improve self awareness
    • Reduce classroom disruption

    and that recieves an A+ in my book!


5. Ignites our inner furnace

  • This is one cool benefit as the chilly weather approaches. Meditation involving deep breathing will increase our circulation to warm our bodies, no burning scarecrows needed.

6. Keep calm and carry on

  • Meditation soothes our nervous systems to take us from “threat” mode to “challenge” mode, in turn reducing our stress to keep calm and carry on.


7. Get glowing

  • The positive state experienced by meditators will show in a subtle glow on an individual. Want to glow like Glenda the good witch? Get meditating!


8. Melt the green faced monster

  • Meditation steadies our emotions to reduce dpression, anxiety, boost our happiness and well being and reduce jealousy!


9. Perspective – “Toto… I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore…”

  • No need to be whisked away in a tornado and thrown into Oz to gain some perspective, meditation does this without the motion sickness. It shifts our thoughts from worry and negativity to relaxation and positivity. It helps us to shift into focussing on all of the good that happens through the day instead of ruminating on negative and what’s more? This can manifest more good into our lives and boost our overall feelings of well being.

10. The gateway to lucid dreaming – “and you, and you, and you were there!”

  • Becoming more aware through your waking state will increase your ability to become aware when dreaming.


11. Laugh the day away! (in the merry old land of Oz)

  • Become light hearted both literally and figuratively. On a literal level, meditation has been shown to increase cardiovascular health and decrease cholesterol levels to potentially reduce arterial plaque.
  • Figuratively, meditation helps you to see that nothing in life is so serious and suddenly you’re laughing at life’s curve balls and being unaffected by the things that may once have caused a reaction in you. (Sorry siblings, you’ll have to try a little harder.)

12. Food-free anti-inflammatory diet

  • Meditation is a powerful way to reduce inflammation in the body and create an internal alkaline state to promote overall health, the same things we aim to do with our diets.


13. Become a social butterfly

  • Meditators tend to have the qualities that draw others to them and has been shown to increase social connections. Why? They are likely to be happier, more empathetic, compassionate and energised.


14. It makes your brain plastic! (and not in a BPA kind of way)

  • This is all thanks to a little somthing called neuroplasticity; the brain’s ability to structurally and functionally change to adapt to its environment and daily meditation will help your brain to do this!

15. Your Grey Matters

  • Long term meditation has been shown to increase grey matter density in our brains and why does this matter? It is associated with increased learning, memory and attention.


17. If I only had a brain, a heart, a home, some courage… 
  • What did lion, scarecrow, Dorothy, and tinman all have in common? All they were searching for, they already had. When manifesting your life’s desire, meditation will help bring you to everything you are seeking by showing you that  you already have it. Health and wellness? It’s yours! Reduced stress, inner peace, happiness? Learn to steady your mind and calm your body, because there is simply no place like om.


Sunrise om


The no place like OM challenge
For the month of November, starting TONIGHT, let’s meditate every. single. day! Get out your calander, buy some stickers or draw a picture every day as soon as you have done it. Whether it is 5 minutes, 20, an hour, every om counts!
Where to begin
We’re welcoming Oprah and Deepak Choprah into our homes and our OMs this month as they guide us through another 21 day meditation series and guess what? This one is centered around manifesting your life’s desires. It could not be a more seamless way to glide from last month’s theme into this one. It’s free and one of my favourite ways to begin meditating. Who better to help you jump start this month’s challenge?
This meditation series is free to a good OM here:
Letting meditation be our yellow brick road to inner peace and happiness,
Suzanne Eden

Into the Wild : A Tent Pitching Food Diary

When I was a child, camping entailed rustic bacon and eggs with toast for breakfast, canned alphagettis, hotdogs and of course; toasted marshmallows! So what does one pack when wanting to eat healthy on a camping trip? This was the question we faced this past weekend when a group of fellow holistic nutritionists and myself decided to celebrate the completion of our diplomas by packing our bags and venturing into the woods. From being rained out, to broken phones, to my car breaking down on the highway (I believe this was my sign that I’m destined to remain in the wilderness), it was no shortage of an adventure and be-it that we are all holistic nutritionists, there was no shortage of good food either! We each pitched in to bring a meal and I documented it all to share. Here is our holistic camping food diary:

Day one – Into the woods:

Beach day snack:

  • Watermelon
  • Pineapple and later:
  • A tray of veggies

Beach day snacks


  • Antibiotic and hormone free organic chicken
  • Grilled asparagus and veggies
  • Light, summer salad

Day 1 dinner

That night we feasted on the flames of our first campfire equipped with the company of our neighbors.


Day 2 : Into Muddy Territory:

We awoke to the soothing puttering of rain and (what I would call) the sweet, musty smell of damp earth. Having no picnic table shelter, we piled into the 6 person tent for this breakfast of overnight chia soaked oats, bananas & oranges.

Chia seed breakfast

You wouldn’t think it to be messy, but with all of us crammed into tight sleeping quarters, I came out with chia smeared on my pillow and orange juice across my sleeping bag, making for a rather… tasty sleep that night.

The rain piled half of us into a car and out into town to hunt down a tarp and the other half (including myself) to hold down the site and, naturally, eat some more delicious food! We split healthy, homemade banana muffins and later left trails of egg shells around the site from these soft-boiled eggs.

Soft boiled eggs


I’m afraid to say that by the time the tarp was hung and lunch was prepared, my ravishing hunger got the best of me and I forgot to take a photo! Here’s what it consisted of;

  • Crackers & hummus
  • Tortilla chips & guacamole
  • Cabbage salad
  • Quinoa salad

And another delicious snack: raw, unsalted, organic sunflower seeds.

Sunflower seeds

Homemade pizzas grilled with humus, tomato paste, mushrooms, peppers, spinach, and a little goat cheese as options

The night closed with round two of campfire card games and roasting free range, hormone free, organic, filler free hot dogs over the fire. And what would a camping trip be without a little fire wood stealing scandal? Our prime suspects being: 1) the suspicious girls who sent one to seemingly distract us in conversion as a diversion for the others to steal our firewood or 2) our neighbours befriending us, only for utter betrayal in the end. In either case, we kindly informed the park rangers to be on their best lookout for stolen wood. They seemed to confirm option one with a knowing head nod at the girl’s description signaling recognition. Case closed.

Day 3 – a little bump in the road:

Banana muffins and chia seed bagels with nut butter and raspberry jam.

Chia bagels

With the weekend over we ended up with a lot of food to take home including my marshmallow substitute: roasted pineapple over the fire!

But the adventure hadn’t ended just yet. Not long onto the highway my steering wheel seised and we made a quick pull over to the shoulder. A nice CAA driver and some sweet mechanics later and I was back on the road! Much to my direction impaired self (and the assistance of directions over the phone) I made it home without getting lost (once I made it out of the small town) and came home to find my beautiful vegetable garden bursting with berries and peas before headed to a BBQ.

Holistic health may be tricky at times and call for you to think out of the box, but it is more than doable and absolutely delicious! Alphagettis over guacamole and humus? Not a chance. Not only delicious but if planned right, it’s easy, involves minimal clean up, and leaves you feeling light, fresh, and ready to take on anything and everything the wilderness has to offer you!

“The more we connect to our true nature, the healthier we’ll be”

To your next holistic venture into the wilderness,

Suzanne Eden

Chocolate Chia Pudding and Ginger Cream Parfait

Layers of rich chocolate chia and creamy banana ice-cream topped with crunchy cacaonibs. Sugar free, dairy free, soy free, and absolutely heavenly!

chia parfait

Chia as a superfood:

  • Just 2 TBS has 24% of your daily recommended fibre causing you to feel full longer and helping to cleanse your body
  • Packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, just 2 TBS provides you with 10% of your daily calcium, and 8% of your daily iron
  • These tiny beauties are a good source of omega 3s and complete protein

NOTE: to reap the benefits of this beautifying and cleansing seed, you need to soak them first until they gel. otherwise, they will go in one end and out the other without being digested and absorbed. And on that lovely note…


Chia Pudding:

  • 3 TBSP chia seeds
  • 1 Cup coconut or almond milk
    • 2 Tsp cacao powder

(the minimally processed form of cocoa. Can be found at your local health food store)

  • 1 Tsp cinnamon
  • 5 drops stevia

Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl. Add wet ingredients and stir until combined. For a smooth consistency, blend the ingredients in a blender or food processor. Place your mixture in the fridge for at least 5 hours or allow it to sit overnight.

Ginger Cream:

  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 TBSP freshly grated ginger
  • 1/2 Tsp vanilla extract
  • 3-5 drops of liquid stevia

Blend all ingredients in a food processor until combined. Adjust flavours as needed. Note: the higher the speed and the longer you blend, the more your banana will soften and the less “ice cream” consistency you will have.

From here, simply layer your pudding and cream in a fancy glass (too pretty not to display), top with raw cacao nibs, and enjoy!
P.S. with a dessert like this, I don’t think anyone would judge you if a picture just so happened to slip onto instagram 😉