10 Reasons Jimmy Fallon Is Good Health Insurance!

Ever needed a reason to watch more Jimmy Fallon? Don’t make me laugh! But seriously (or not so seriously)…

As it turns out, laughter is fantastic medicine!

Prescription for wellness: one heaping dose as often as possible every single day!

Naturally occurring sources: Laughter occurs abundantly in each episode of the Jimmy Fallon show, also amongst your household pet, richly in youtube videos and generously in gatherings of family and friends. Indulge liberally.


Here is every excuse you need with 10 reasons to take Jimmy Fallon in big, heaping doses:

1. Better than a stress ball

  • Laughing relaxes muscles in the body and eases stress in the mind

2. Builds heat

  • It improves circulation and stimulates the flow of lymph to detoxify

3. Beat the blues

  • Laughing releases the “feel good” endorphins in our brains to reduce depression and anxiety and keep you in a positive mindset

4. Better than morphine

  • These same endorphins are natural painkillers while boosting your mood!

5. Workout on the couch!

  • Not in replacement to your regular ACTIVE-ist routine, but one study found that laughing brought on by a comedy film was shown to have the improvements of blood flow that a typical 15-20 minute workout may offer. And what does this do for us? It strengthens our blood vessels to reduce heart attacks and strokes!
  • It also raises energy expenditure, increases heart rate, burns calories and, as we all know, is a very effective ab routine!

6. Better than cough syrup

  • Laughter boosts the immunity by increasing the body’s antibodies to destroy viruses and tumour cells – without the bitter aftertaste

7. Sweet dreaming

  • Boosts ability to fall asleep, improves the quality of sleep, and can help to relieve insomnia

8. Deep breaths

  • Has aerobic effects that increase your body‘s ability to utilize oxygen and detoxify the lungs
  • P.S.; more oxygen to the brain = improved memory and creativity!

9. Energizer

  • This you can feel: laughter energizes the body through increased blood flow and by raising your natural vibration

10. Boosts Creativity

  • In a funk? This may be exactly what you need. Laughter puts us in a relaxed and joyful state where creativity flourishes!

ACTIVEist: laughter now meets yoga in.. well.. laughter yoga! And although I have yet to attempt this style, I’m sure it’s effective. Laughter, after all, is infectious. How? Anothers’ laughter activates the premotor cortical region of your brain, involved in moving your facial muscles to correspond with the sound and reciprocate.

Haven’t had your daily dose yet? Jimmy Fallon absent from your t.v.? Check out one of my all time favourites! :


Whether it be Jimmy Fallon or your own best friend;

Your new prescription for wellness: get laughing every damn day!

Suzanne Eden