A Blended Review – Your New Smoothie Go-To-Guide

Want to dip a green leaf into your blender but are scared about what will come out? See delicious smoothie blends sipping through your instagram page but not sure where to begin? There’s a perfect e-book waiting just for you, it’s bright, it’s vibrant, and it’s packed with epic smoothies to have you blending for days!

I am so thrilled to be a part of Jesse Lane’s upcoming cookbook and this opportunity opened the way for me to be a part of her current book tour for Holistic In The City; 21 Day Smoothie Guide. From this self-confessed smoothie foodie to you, let me assure you that this book is a delicious blend of juicy information and smooth recipes with pictures that will have you dusting off your blender to give them a go. Here’s your quick and dirty sneak peek into your new smoothie go-to guide.

21 Day Smoothie Guide Cover by @jesselwellness

Judging a Book by its Cover

Lets face it, when it comes to a book, the cover is everything. Especially when it comes to a cookbook. We want the cover to entice us, to make us hungry and be running to the grocery store to have that smoothie in our blender. The cover features a delectably golden smoothie topped with a gogi berries and each recipe is accompanied by these  photographs to keep you hungry the whole way through.

Not Just a Pretty Picture

The pictures may be delicious but the blend of information and recipes will live up to its tempting standards.

The start of this e-book quickly and simply summarizes the main points you need to know to be a smoothie making machine. A taste of what’s covered? The difference between juices and smoothies, the formula to build a smoothie, and how to pick a quality protein powder. I was pleased with how basic, yet informative the information section is, easy to read and will leave you more knowledgeable with what goes into your blender.

Each recipe is simple to make, requires minimal time and effort and is incredibly tasty (child proof tasty!). Some are everyday smoothies like the Green monkey, Peaches and cream, or the Vibrant liver detox smoothie. Others are treats including the Gingerbread smoothie  or the Chocolate raspberry crave smoothie and all feature wholesome ingredients, vitamins, minerals and fibre for holistic wellness.

The Juicy Details

A great book is all in the juicy details. Each recipe features a tempting synopsis of its flavours and health benefits so you know how each one is nourishing your body and your taste buds. Each practitioner whose recipe is featured has a page about them so that you can identify them with their recipes and by the end of the book, you’ll have more people to follow and be inspired by.

So whether you are just beginning or are an experienced blender on the search for new and creative recipes, this e-book comes highly recommended from one smoothie addict to another.

Sweet sipping,
Suzanne Eden