Manifest Monday // A Charles Dickens Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come (a Movement in Sustainability)

Tis the season of bulging stockings and empty wallets. Abundance in consumerism but a depleted earth. Admist a surplus of materialism, what are we truly giving? Where is our planet, the giver of all things, falling amongst the intricate wrapping and shiny bows? With financial stress and strains, it is no wonder so many have found the Bah-Humbug of Embinesor Scrooge. Perhaps, just like our friend, all we need to do is realise that the future does not have to be as we see it now if only we wake up and make a change.


I belive in the good things coming

Dear readers,

Now before we begin, let me assure you, I am an absolute christmas fanatic and in no way am I saying that gift giving is wrong. It is a wonderful thing when it comes from a loving place, in moderation and done right, can give back to the environment too. Thats where I see us heading too in the furture; a greener, more sustainble, balanced celebration with less gifts and more presence.


Christmas is a time of giving. YES! But we’ve come to a shift. A shift from  giving away our money, our sanity, and our planet’s natural resources to giving back to the environment instead. Are you ready for a green christmas?!  The true spirit of Christmas, afterall, lies beneath the wrappings and gift bows and even, dare I say it, the feast of festive food! The most meaningful part of it all is family coming together for the gift of unity. Yes, that gift. The gift that cannot be manufactured, shipped across seas and stamped with a price tag.


FACT: Our world cannot sustain Christmas as it is now and we are the ones who are going to change that!


Unlike Scrooge, without a grim attired spirit to directly show us our fates to come, we can turn a blind eye to buying so many things, especially when it’s a cultural tradition. In psychology we often relate this to a phenomena known as cognitive dissonance. This occurs when our belief systems do not match up with our realities. We understand that Christmas is harmful for the earth yet our behaviours are in complete contradiction to this. What do we do? As humans, we strive to maintain balance between our beliefs and realities  and so we have a choice. We can either:

  • A) Become a Krank (from Christmas with the Kranks) and decide to opt out of Christmas altogether
  • B) celebrate Christmas in an actively sustainable, unconventional way
  • C) not pay attention to our environmental impact and put more mental focus on the “stuff” and gift giving and wrapping

When we feel overwhelmed or that there is little we can do, we naturally revert to the option of least resistance. In this case, likely option C, the one we are often accustomed to. But that isn’t to say that just like our dear Scrooge we can’t turn this around, we can! All we need to do is wake up.

The STATutory Holidaze

According to stats Canada’s annual Christmas by the Numbers feature for 2012:

  • 230.2 million – value of christmas decorations imported to Canada (the majority coming from… you guessed it, China)
  • 4.4 Billion – the value of food and drink purchased
    • Us Canadians happen to be one of the highest ranking in food waste
  • $548.9 million — The value of televisions and audio and video equipment purchased in Canada in December 2012. (just Tvs, audio and video equipment alone).

The Story of Stuff

First things first; in waking ourselves up, we need to understand why we want to do it. Just as gripping as a Christmas carol, the story of stuff is a beautifully illustrated representation of the past, present and future of our consumerist economy. We can begin this Christmas to head towards a better system, a more sustainable, holistic system that gives to everyone, including our earth and fellow inhabitants. Afterall, where are Santa and his reindeer going to live when they can no longer call a melted North Pole home?

This is an absolute must watch video that’s cute, fun and extremely informative!

So now that we’re a little more informed, what do we do about this? That’s truly the big ticket item here after all. Here are a few tips to reduce our cognitive dissonance:

1. One foot in front of the other
Just as I recommend for your diet, take on one thing at a time. When we become overwhelmed, we feel a lack of control on our situation and will often revert back to our old habits, these are safe, these we know. Creating new habits takes time. Put one foot in front of the other and soon you are well on your way to a greener Christmas!

2. Make the chosen path more valuable and enjoyable

This is all about shifting our focus. Think of how amazing it feels to know that you are celebrating Christmas while doing good for the earth!

3. Consistent Beliefs

Become conscious, from here on out, with what you are purchasing. Lets keep in mind what we need instead of want, what we can give instead of get and what will benefit us and our earth for future generations to come. Is it ethical, sustainable, or is there a better choice? Make the best choices you can. Now that your actions are in line with your beliefs, you won’t experience that discomforting dissonance.

These are just a few tips (with more specific ones to come) to get you moving towards greener, more sustainable Christmases to come! We want the future glowing as bright as the energy efficient Christmas lights that are used sparingly around your festive home!

With loving steps to a greener future,
Suzanne Eden

Manifest Monday // Forgiveness and The Ghost of Christmas Past

In a flurry of hiking and christmas baking, it appears I missed yesterday’s post! But Tuesday is as good as any, isn’t it? As December is now upon us, christmas has officially consumed every waking moment of my day (and kitchen). I adore it! But somewhere amid the whirl of turkeys and tinsel, it becomes easy to forget the true meaning of Christmas. As the Grinch once wisely stated “Maybe christmas (he thought) doesn’t come from a store, maybe christmas, perhaps! Means a little bit more.”  These next posts are to inspire the enchanted child within us and disentangle the jumble of shiny decorations and purchaseable presents to unwrap the genuine meaning of Christmas.




A Classic Christmas Carol

In search of the true spirit of Christmas, we look to a different sort of spirit entirely, a ghostly spirit if you will. The sort of spirit that I revisit every year as I luxuriate in the magical world of Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol” and the humbug of Ebenezer Scrooge. The 1951 black and white film starring Alastair Sim being my personal favourite of the renditions of this holiday classic.
  • Whether this is completely new to you or you have heard this idea before, take a moment, right now, to consider that this very moment is the only one you have and will ever have. Really think about this, let it sink in a second. The past is over, done, finito, the future has not arrived, but where you are this second, that is all there is. This is all that truly matters.  A favourite quote of mine from another round bellied fellow this holiday: Gautama Buddha: “Each day, we are born again.” In truth, we are reborn in each moment, awakened to another chance, another opportunity. There is no need to wait for another tomorrow to transform yourself, you have a new beginning with each and every breath.
The Ghost of Christmas Past
What shackles you? What event or person are you chaining to yourself in your thoughts and beliefs?  Mental baggage is heavy. You are not Santa, drop the hefty load slug over your shoulder and feel how light you become.  Everyone deserves forgiveness, including yourself. Forgiveness does not mean that you wish to keep the person close to you or need to be in contact with them. It does not mean you condone their behaviour. Forgiveness is about releasing our metaphorical shackles. Accepting that what happened has past, moving forward, setting ourselves free of  unnecessary rumination on past events and moving into the present. A true gift indeed.
This week’s challenge:
Unwrap the gift of forgiveness this Christmas. This week, choose someone to forgive. Perhaps a friend, a family member, a past bully, or perhaps yourself. In forgiving, we allow the past to remain the past, we accept that it no longer exists, and by doing so, it will no longer control us. If a thought or belief does not serve you, it does not deserve you.
  • My personal favourite way to forgive? By understanding that every person and circumstance comes into our lives for a purpose. They have a lesson for us, a teaching. These people and circumstances are here to serve you. Some of the teachings I have received in life have seemed rather harsh and unforgivable, but when I came to see the value in even the darkest relationships I have had with others, I’ve come to see that they were a blessing. In the end, they were all a blessing. Forgiveness is the true light of heart. The true light of Christmas.
Suzanne Eden

Manifest Monday // Your Guide To De-cluttering Your Mind

This week is dedicated to ridding ourselves of the old to make space for the new and in the spirit of all things cleaning, this Manifest Monday we’re exploring how to de-clutter our minds.
trail om
Have you ever listened to the little voice in your head and realized that it never stops talking? The one that’s saying “yes” or “no” or “what is this lady talking about?” as you read this post right now. That one. It’s the one that clutters our minds with incesent chatter and worry and nothing that’s ever truly important and like a messy room, when we have so much clutter, we can’t see things clearly. We can’t think clearly.
  • One thing that might happen with meditation is space. Finding those moments where the internal chatter ceases and there is a nothingness, a no-thing-ness. But how we do begin to clear out our minds? We meditate!


Now one of the greatest hurdles most people face in starting their meditation practise is.. Well.. Starting! It’s why one of the top things I’m asked about my lifestyle is: “how do you meditate?” and I love answering this question because it’s simple: I meditate differently all the time. I do what I feel like that day, in that moment and that’s exactly what I want you to do. Do as you feel! You can’t go wrong. So first things first, forget what it’s supposed to be! It’s not supposed to be anything, no-thing. If you are silent and observant, you have found your om in meditating.

Here are a few more things to keep in mind as you read through my guide to decluttering your mind:

  • Shift happens
There is no one outcome to strive for, nothing to expect. Transformative shifts in meditation happen in their own time.
  • Meditation is nothing serious, seriously!
Let it be simple, let it be fun, let it come easily. Laugh at the voice in your head, smile to yourself, enjoy it. Meditation is nothing more than sitting and observing. Through serious  meditating you will come to see that there is nothing serious about it!
  • You are not your thoughts
That voice in your head? You’ll come to know it through meditation and you will see that it is not actually you. When you know this, you can observe it and you won’t take what it is saying so seriously anymore.  But don’t force it, simply observe what the voice has to say and put nothing to it, it’s just a voice after all.
  • You don’t have to clear your mind
There is no harm in having thoughts. Pay attention to the space between them, eventually that space becomes bigger, but for now, simply choose which thoughts you care to listen to and allow the others to pass. In the same way you would let go of something old in your room, release any thoughts or beliefs that don’t serve you.
Meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet. It’s a way of entering into the quiet that’s already there – buried under the 50,000 thoughts the average person thinks every day.
– Deepak Chopra
  •  Keep at it
To maintain peace and balance and clarity, you must continue to practice the things that bring this to you. Meditation has no finish line, it has no end. Commit to it everyday, if only for 5  minutes a day and it will start to become a habit and eventually, a lifestyle.

Suzanne Eden

Manifest Monday // 17 Reasons Why There’s No Place Like OM

Lotus and silence and peace, oh my!


One of the single, most powerful ways to revolutionize  your health; mind, body and spirit? Meditation! It’s free, it’s always accessible to you and you need nothing more than, well, you!  There is no need for a witch’s ruby slippers, your somewhere over the rainbow is right here. Simply come to lotus and repeat: “there’s no place like om, there’s no place like om, there’s no place like om”

summer om

From reduced anxiety to increased happiness, we’ve all heard the benefits of meditation, but here is a round up of my favourite great and powerful reasons to get meditating every single day:
1. The fountain of youth
  • Meditation has been shown to increase the length of your telomeres (the “caps” at the ends of your chromosomes) which slows aging and is a strong indicator of longevity. This occurs by way of your increased ability to manage stress and encourages feelings of well being which in turn promotes the health of your telomeres to lengthen them. No munchkin telomeres here!
2. More effective than Morphine
  • Meditation has been found to be more effective than morphine, a drug that is toxic and harmful to the body, by reducing pain by up to 50%!

3. Better for children with ADHD than amphetamines

  • This is according to a 2011 report in the Mind and Brain – The Journal of Psychiatry here:

4. Take it to the classroom

  • Meditation for children has been shown to
    • Reduce exam stress levels
    • Improve concentration
    • Increase attendance
    • Improve self awareness
    • Reduce classroom disruption

    and that recieves an A+ in my book!


5. Ignites our inner furnace

  • This is one cool benefit as the chilly weather approaches. Meditation involving deep breathing will increase our circulation to warm our bodies, no burning scarecrows needed.

6. Keep calm and carry on

  • Meditation soothes our nervous systems to take us from “threat” mode to “challenge” mode, in turn reducing our stress to keep calm and carry on.


7. Get glowing

  • The positive state experienced by meditators will show in a subtle glow on an individual. Want to glow like Glenda the good witch? Get meditating!


8. Melt the green faced monster

  • Meditation steadies our emotions to reduce dpression, anxiety, boost our happiness and well being and reduce jealousy!


9. Perspective – “Toto… I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore…”

  • No need to be whisked away in a tornado and thrown into Oz to gain some perspective, meditation does this without the motion sickness. It shifts our thoughts from worry and negativity to relaxation and positivity. It helps us to shift into focussing on all of the good that happens through the day instead of ruminating on negative and what’s more? This can manifest more good into our lives and boost our overall feelings of well being.

10. The gateway to lucid dreaming – “and you, and you, and you were there!”

  • Becoming more aware through your waking state will increase your ability to become aware when dreaming.


11. Laugh the day away! (in the merry old land of Oz)

  • Become light hearted both literally and figuratively. On a literal level, meditation has been shown to increase cardiovascular health and decrease cholesterol levels to potentially reduce arterial plaque.
  • Figuratively, meditation helps you to see that nothing in life is so serious and suddenly you’re laughing at life’s curve balls and being unaffected by the things that may once have caused a reaction in you. (Sorry siblings, you’ll have to try a little harder.)

12. Food-free anti-inflammatory diet

  • Meditation is a powerful way to reduce inflammation in the body and create an internal alkaline state to promote overall health, the same things we aim to do with our diets.


13. Become a social butterfly

  • Meditators tend to have the qualities that draw others to them and has been shown to increase social connections. Why? They are likely to be happier, more empathetic, compassionate and energised.


14. It makes your brain plastic! (and not in a BPA kind of way)

  • This is all thanks to a little somthing called neuroplasticity; the brain’s ability to structurally and functionally change to adapt to its environment and daily meditation will help your brain to do this!

15. Your Grey Matters

  • Long term meditation has been shown to increase grey matter density in our brains and why does this matter? It is associated with increased learning, memory and attention.


17. If I only had a brain, a heart, a home, some courage… 
  • What did lion, scarecrow, Dorothy, and tinman all have in common? All they were searching for, they already had. When manifesting your life’s desire, meditation will help bring you to everything you are seeking by showing you that  you already have it. Health and wellness? It’s yours! Reduced stress, inner peace, happiness? Learn to steady your mind and calm your body, because there is simply no place like om.


Sunrise om


The no place like OM challenge
For the month of November, starting TONIGHT, let’s meditate every. single. day! Get out your calander, buy some stickers or draw a picture every day as soon as you have done it. Whether it is 5 minutes, 20, an hour, every om counts!
Where to begin
We’re welcoming Oprah and Deepak Choprah into our homes and our OMs this month as they guide us through another 21 day meditation series and guess what? This one is centered around manifesting your life’s desires. It could not be a more seamless way to glide from last month’s theme into this one. It’s free and one of my favourite ways to begin meditating. Who better to help you jump start this month’s challenge?
This meditation series is free to a good OM here:
Letting meditation be our yellow brick road to inner peace and happiness,
Suzanne Eden

Manifest Monday // The Road Map to Living in Purpose

Everyone has a purpose in life… a unique gift or special talent to give to others. And when we blend this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exultation of our own spirit, which is the ultimate goal of all goals.

– Deepak Chopra
Are you living passionately or passively?
We’ve started to ignite our passion to reconnect with what drives our day, but where are we driving to? What is your purpose in life? Have you found it, given up on it, chosen the path you thought you should take instead? This post is for you!
Psychology Today estimates that we will spend an average of 90,000 hours of our lifetime working (without taking into account the work we now bring home with us via technology). That’s 3750 days, 535 weeks and that’s a whole lot of time to spend doing something, so why spend it doing something we don’t love?!
~ * ~

Before choosing this path, I was well on the cozy road to becoming a therapist when suddenly it hit me: I didn’t want to be a therapist. I was passionate about therapy, but it wasn’t entirely my purpose. So how did I go from there to fast tracking my degree and enrolling for Holistic Nutrition, a field I didn’t even know existed at the time? It all began with passion, a little patience and a lot of trial and error and from here came my road map directions to help guide you on your path to living in purpose!

follow your bliss

1) From Passion to Purpose

  • Building a foundation of passion is the foundation of purpose. The things we love to do will bring out the best in us, cause us to exude excitement, which makes us creative, confident and gives us an intoxicating energy that will seduce others to share in our purpose.  This is the purpose of purpose after all!

Ask yourself: If I could do anything for the rest of my life and get paid for it, what would it be?

2) Be an Explorer, a Seeker 

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

-Zig Ziglar

  • Don’t wait for purpose to come to you, explore it, seek it, find it! Be mindful and observant of what you might like to do and always ask yourself if what you are doing is fulfilling you. If not, keep searching.

3) Create your Dream Job

“Your dream job doesn’t exist, you have to create it.”

Mahatma Gandhi

  • It was when I was sitting, thinking how I would love to study nutrition but didn’t agree with the conventional views that I had a thought: “what if there were alternative nutrition schools out there?”  From this question, my career has taken all of my past career ambitions and morphed them into one: teacher, therapist, yoga instructor, chef, and of course, nutritionist, but you have to create it!

4) Ask!

  • Ask the universe for assistance in finding it. Trust me, this works!  Ask for help, ask with intention, and help will show up. Don’t believe me? Try it! Here’s how: find a quiet spot and sit in a comfortable position. Begin by expressing out loud what you are grateful for. Then say that there is something you would like help with and state firmly and clearly what it is. Who are you addressing? The universe, god, spirit… it doesn’t matter what name we put to it, you are merely reaching out and asking for help. In one way or another, the answer will start to appear. This is the beginning of the understanding that our creations come not from outside of us, but from within us by what we hold in our minds and what we ask for.

5) When Life Gives You Grapes, Make Some Wine… Or Find Another Job

  • Try what you might like via co-ops, internships, volunteering etc. Before we invest too much time (though never a waste) it’s always good to get a sense of what it would be like to have your goal as a profession. You may even find yourself taking Oenology and viticulture as you consider becoming a sommelier and eagerly drop the course after the first hour of near death-by-boredom whilst thinking “why did I take this? I don’t even like wine!” But, hey! That’s one more job you know you don’t want!

7) One passion does not fit all

  • Let’s shift into reverse from the thinking that passion comes in one form or that one career is more worthy than another. You may be working as a clerk and love it! You may love the security, the close proximity to people, and maybe even the ease from having a boss to guide you. Following your passion doesn’t mean you have to go out and chase some wild and crazy dream (or perhaps it does), it means waking each morning to do something that fills you with a good feeling. It means enjoying what you do so that it doesn’t feel like work. No matter what it is, if it fulfills you, it is worthy of you.


6) Be Fearless With Your Fears

“I’d rather attempt to do something great and fail, than to attempt nothing and succeed.”

-Robert H. Schuller

  •  There will always be challenges and obstacles. Some there to steer you on a better path, others there to challenge you, but in any case, keeping moving forward, success is often behind the second or third door. Never give up on a passion, but you may need to re-adjust it to make it work.

“Fortune sides with him who dares.” 

– Virgil

~ To live will never be enough. We must feel A L I V E. We must have the energy to jump head first, the stamina to never stop running, the strong mentality to chase our passions, a body that is fit, healthy, strong, wise and loving. To live in the space of power, to know yourself as creator, to be in vibrant health is to set your world alive and nothing but this will ever be enough ~

Fueling our passionate paths to success,

Suzanne Eden

Manifest Monday // Thanks – Giving Edition

On the menu this Thanksgiving? We’re dishing out a hearty serving of gratitude to brighten our day and those around us.  From succulent turkey to creamy pie, and a whole roast, ahem, *host* of family in between, there is so much to be thankful for. We’ve already explored the theme of gratitude with a gratitude journal and the swear jar challenge to health here.

This Manifest Monday, we’re feasting on a juicy challenge to unite the dinner table and keep the giving flowing. It is Thanks-giving after all. It’s gratitude to the next level; taking our inner thanks off the page and expressing it outward! Take a big, wholesome slice into your manifest Monday, Thanks – Giving edition.

Country side

A Dish Best Served Hot

Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.
~ James Matthew Barrie
  • Inner gratitude expands when it becomes outward. How often do you think to yourself “wow, thank you” when someone does something but don’t say it out loud? Or sometimes you do but it comes more out of habit than sincerity. Everyone needs a little appreciation. Appreciation is what drives us and when we give it to another, we receive it ourselves. Give more and you will receive more.

Uniting The Dinner Table

  • Studies consistently show that gratitude strengthens the formation and maintenance of the relationship between the giver and receiver. Have you ever met someone you were unsure about and as soon as they complimented you, your perception of them was instantly elevated? It’s been shown that this bond goes beyond the short interaction and may lead to stronger relationships 6 months later. How to unite the Thanksgiving table? Express your gratitude!

Gratitude on the Brain

  • Neuroscience has only just started to touch on the effect of gratitude in our mind. When we express gratitude, the “pleasure centers” of our brain light up. These pleasure centers release dopamine, the feel good hormone that causes that gratifying “high” we receive in return.
  • When we receive this gratitude, the same pleasure centers light up, making us feel good but the giving continues. Not only is dopamine the “reward” hormone but it makes us more likely to reciprocate the deed. Cut the turkey, this simply means that when we receive gratitude, we are more likely to pass it on, making it a Thanksgiving to keep on giving!
“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”
— William Arthur Ward

The Thanks-Giving Challenge

  • Today have the intention to make your gratitude leap off the page. Say it out louid! Your challenge today is to say “thank you” to every single person you come in contact with. It can be for anything, from something small like carving the turkey to something big. Start first by thinking of what it is about them that you are grateful for. Let it come from a truly honest and thankful space and then let them know it! Appreciation is infectious.
5 Ways to Increase Your Thanks:
  • Hold their gaze
  •  Speak clearly
  •  Smile
  •  Add a personal touch – make contact in some way, even by simply by touching the person’s arm
  •  Say their name
To all of you reading, following and reaching out to me via email or otherwise, THANK YOU! Truly, from the bottom of my heart. I cannot thank you enough and I hope I can repay you in healthy, chocolate covered treats and health tidbits 🙂
With so much gratitude I wish you all a healthy, happy Thanks-giving!
Suzanne Eden

Manifest Monday // What Drives You?

“Don’t worry about what the world needs.  Ask what makes you come alive and do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

~Howard Thurman


soul on fire


On the road to holistic health, where are you driving? Have you mapped out a path for yourself with a clear destination or are you losing yourself amongst dead ends and one way streets? Are you driving non stop or do you take a road side pause to sit and enjoy the views?

All too often in life we may find ourselves driving without having any idea of our destination. We don’t know why we are going through our days, we are driving on cruise control, doing what we think we should be doing and headed to no where in particular. What happens? We lose our zest for life, our tread on the road, our drive for the day and we leave our passions in the dust of the path behind us.


A lack of passion can manifest in our lives as:

  • Lethargy
  • Boredom
  • Irritability
  • Depressive episodes
  • Lack of motivation
  • Chronic fatigue

and the list goes on.

This Manifest Monday we’re evoking enjoyment and passion into our lives! Next Monday we will get clear about our destination and the road we’re traveling.


When we are children, we are driven by passion. We have no responsibilities besides cleaning up our toys after a day of play and exercise and make-believe. We do whatever we feel like in the moment and if it doesn’t result in fun and laughter, it’s on to the next thing. We live for enjoyment.
As we get older, we inherit responsibilities at work, at home, through schooling. Suddenly life becomes waking up to go to work, to come home and do housework, to make dinner, to watch mindless shows to wind down and going to bed to do it all over again the next morning. What are you waking up for? It’s no wonder so many of us are lethargic to get out of bed, we’ve lost our drive to do so! One of the best ways to re-ignite the passion within ourselves is to start doing those things we’re passionate about!
“There is no passion to be found in playing small, in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”
– Nelson Mandela

Fill with a premium

What’s fueling your day?
We tend to drive full speed ahead, thinking that we must always be doing something, there is always work to get done, places to be, people to see. At what point do you run out of gas?
Slow down, and take time to stop, to refuel, to fill yourself back up so that you will be running on a full tank again. Take time to do what fills you, what lifts you and you will be ready and excited to take on the adventurous day ahead.

This week’s premium challenge:

“It’s your place in the world; it’s your life. Go on and do all you can with it, and make it the life you want to live.”
— Mae Jemison
Fuel each day, at least 20 minutes a day,  with something that you are passionate about. Let each day be different and by the end of the week you’ll have experienced 7 things that you enjoy. It could be anything from walking in nature, to reading, to writing. If one of your passions is dance, learn a video off YouTube. If it’s singing, practice your favourite show tunes. If it’s biking, bike. If it’s cooking, make something new and exciting and special (and healthy!) for dinner. Experiment. Re-explore your passions and give yourself something to look forward to everyday for at least 20minutes a day.
Prescription for wellness: add “do something exciting” to your “to do” list. When we add truly enriching and enjoyable activities to our day, we will start to connect with those things that we are passionate about. We begin to bring colour and vibrance to our lives.

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.”

~ Ferdinand Foch

On the passionate road to health,
Suzanne Eden