Tried &True Tips To Never Waste The Turkey

In my family there’s just one rule: Never let an ounce of turkey go to waste!

Afterall, when a roast this enticing only comes around a few times a year, you have to make it count!


In fact, the USDA estimates that with the average cost of food waste in America, we could buy 21 whole turkeys for each person in the country! 

But with the abundance of food adorning the Thanksgiving table, we have the optimal opportunity to revamp the leftovers. And there is nothing like a turkey sandwich slathered in real mayo and stuffed with crunchy lettuce to ring in the post festivities!

These are some of my family’s favorite ways to never waste the turkey:

1. Have a heart

  • Organ meats (otherwise known as offal) not only enhance the flavour of your roast, they are one of the most nutrient dense superfoods on the planet!
  • With an impressive resume, organ meats contain all B-vitamins (particularly B12), are nature’s most concentrated source of vitamin A (in the liver), are a perfect protein source, high in easily absorbable iron and and contain coQ10 for cardiovascular health (so you can run off the weekend’s feast!).

2. Make a “game”plan

  • Plan ahead so that you can properly store and prep for the weeks to come. Post-dinner, our turkey heads straight for the fridge where we cover and store it for turkey sandwiches, salads etc.
  • After a week, freeze the leftover meat to prevent it from spoiling and thaw it for dishes over the next month. Our turkey never lasts this long (not a chance!) but I imagine with the 27 pound turkey a friend of mine purchased, this is the time to haul out the freeze wrap!


3. Brew bone broth

  • Bone broth is packed with all things that counteract a large feast. It is made by boiling bones in water with an acid (such as apple-cider vinegar) and adding (optional) spices, vegetables and herbs for flavouring.
  • Its high gelatin, L-glutamine and amino acid content is healing to the digestive system which allows you to reap more nutrients from your food and get the most out of your leftovers.
  • Bonus: Illness often encroaches with the shift in seasons and since an approximated 80% of all illness stems from the gut, this healing broth makes the ideal immune-boosting antidote.

4. Stir in a turkey stew

  • You can drink your bone broth on its own, or add your turkey meat and a plethora of vegetables to make a hearty turkey soup. We boil a big pot on the stove top and re-heat it over a few days for filling lunches and dinners. This being my personal favourite way to savour the remainder of our roast!

Suzanne Eden

Five Food Hacks To Help Bounce Back From Your Thanksgiving Festivities

I hope your weekend has been filled with family, food and festivities, but if you’ve been left feeling as stuffed as the turkey, this is the post for you!

While overindulgence in a feast can leave us tired, bloated and backed up, food in the proper proportions can also be used to counteract these effects. So whether you are opening up a second stomach compartment today for Thanksgiving part 2 (see HERE) or burying the hatchet on yesterday’s soiree, these are 5 holistic life hacks from foods to use.

family feast.jpg


  • Think our ancient ancestors wouldn’t have partaken in such a feast? Think again! As meat (turkey or otherwise) wasn’t as easily come by back then, any hunted game was generally cooked and eaten in large quantities and was often followed by longer periods of time before their next full meal.
  • Following a feast, opt for small, easily digestible, plant based meals or partake in intermittent fasting. This provides your body the opportunity to rest, digest, and reset.
  • NOTE: When fasting, it is important to increase your water intake to stay hydrated and help your body in the cleansing process. Also note that this does not, and should not be, be an extended fast. When your natural hunger kicks in, think soups, salads, smoothies and bone broths.

fire pit.JPG


  • Packed with prebiotic fibre for good digestion, chia seeds and oats (the unprocessed kind) help to flush the excess toxins and sweets from our system and regulate our bowel routines.
  • Craving last night’s pumpkin pie? Opt for my sugar-free Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats.



  • The feast for our gut bacteria! While we may have chosen turkey and gravy, our digestive system prefers foods loaded with probiotics that keep our immune systems strong and our guts happy and healthy.
  • Add kimchi, sauerkraut and/or sparkling kombuchas to your day.


ABOVE: Fresh pressed cider from our organic apple trees!


  • Offsetting our blood sugar causes us to crave sugary foods or an excess of calories in general. Instead? Alkalinize! Start your morning with lemon water, a shot of blood purifying chlorophyll (one with mint is particularly refreshing), and pack as many veggies as you can into your day!
  • Alkalinizing cuts the cravings for sugar and calories so that you can enjoy your meals in moderation.



  • Bloating, distention, indigestion? Both peppermint and ginger tea soothe our internal systems and being herbal, they keep us hydrated while the warmth stimulates movement in our intestines.
  • These two teas are also considered antispasmodics which relaxes the muscles of our digestive tract to reduce digestive distress.

With these holistic life hacks, you can leave the stuffing to the turkey, and whats more? No matter how you felt the following day, you can rest assured that Thanksgiving just made you healthier for the coming celebrations that are on their way!

From a weekend stuffed family festivities,

Suzanne Eden