The 2016 Summer Wellness Bucket List

“Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August.”
—Jenny Han


This year, I’m on a mission! One that finally conquers every last item on my summer bucket list. And what better time to set forth on our ambitious adventures than with the summer solstice? Only this time, it comes with a twist…

A holistic spin of all the weird and wonderful things nutritionists do that you should try too (if only just for fun!).

So whether you’re already out basking in the sun, or summer vacation is just around the corner; this is the countdown of my top 6 tips to incorporate into your Wellness Summer Bucket List:

  1. Brew your own ginger beer (AKA: kefir water)

  • Like a hybrid of a ginger beer tasting beverage with the fizz and health boosting benefits of kombucha, this drink is refreshing and super simple to make. All you need are the grains (bought from a local health food store or schmoozed off a friend – if you’re local, I have plenty to share!), and some organic sucanat (a type of sugar).
  • After fermenting it the first time, simply add candied ginger for another 2-3 days and it tastes just like ginger beer!

P.S.: if you haven’t made kefir before, the grains in the drink you see below are strained out and used for the next batch!


2. Berry picking

  • Just in time for strawberry season but any fruit/berry will do! Hunt down an organic farm, if you can, so that you can eat the berries straight from the patch.
  • You do the manual labour and in return, leave with a very inexpensive array of berries (we towered 3 pints for $10) and a full lunch from the all-you-can-eat buffet of sun-ripened fruit.


3. Gogo Geocaching

  • My fellow lovers of hiking and adventuring, this is the perfect way to exercise your navigational skills, refine your eyesight, and spend hours in hot pursuit of a mystery package tucked into the most ludicrous places. Simply download the app to a device with a built in GPS and go explore!

4. Crack a young coconut

  • Doubling as a refreshing drink and filling snack, young coconuts are bursting with electrolyte balancing coconut water and flesh that you can scoop with a spoon. Just add beach!


5. Roast pineapple

6. Invent a whole new banana ice-cream flavour

  • Banana ice-cream is simply (and deliciously) frozen banana blended until soft and creamy. And being that easy, there are loads of ways to transform it! So take your favourite conventional ice cream flavour and see if you can make the healthified version of it.
  • On the top of my list? Tiger tail, rocky road and the strawberry shortcake version below.


There we have it! Six nutritionist-approved items for the bucket list to boost your health this summer. Have any ideas for me? Let me know below 🙂

Happy summer solstice wellness enthusiasts,

Suzanne Eden

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