My Top 10 Effortless Ways To Embrace Your Daily ACTIVE-ist

“Natural selection shaped the human genome not to run marathons or exclusively lift extremely heavy weights but rather to survive and thrive as very active outdoor generalists in the wild.”


daily ACTIVEist

In sequel to yesterdays post, these are my top ten ways to take your daily ACTIVE-ist by stride:

1. Consistent Movement

  • This is the staple of an ACTIVE-ist: to simply be active all day, every day!

2. Step It Up

  • There may not be 1776 of them, but any amount of stairs over elevators will carry you closer to your goal.
  • In an office building? Running up and down the stairs on break is the perfect way to boost the oxygen to your brain for energy and mental clarity.

3. Take Your Pedometer For A Test Run

  • Handy and inexpensive, having a pedometer routinely secured to your pant pockets will help you to track your progress through the day and keep you accountable and motivated.
  • Start slow by setting the goal to achieve 500-1000 more steps each day to gradually work your way up to 10,000.

garden berries

4. Plant Your Plants!

  • The exact opposite of everything this month’s book is about! But considering the fact that I feel my recommendations to forage the woods for food would fall flat, instead I recommend rummaging through the bushes for berries of your local trails and planting your own vegetable garden.
  • Not only does this bring you more in touch with your food and the natural cultivation of plants, but it’s a great activity for arms, legs and stress reduction. Just watch your posture!

5. Walk For Groceries

  • When you do need groceries, walk there!
  • It is the ultimate portion control as you will be conscious of how much food you have to haul home, thus minimising impulse purchases and the dreaded waste of spoiled produce.

WWF bag

7. But When You Do Drive: Park Like My Mother

  • Always parking in the farthest possible space from the desired door, this has helped us to reap the benefits of additional pedometer steps and the added arm strength from hauling heavy grocery bags.

8. COOK!

  • A no brainer to anyone skilled in the kitchen! The act of chopping and stirring etc. works the upper body and stairs are incorporated every time you inevitably forget something in the cellar.
  • Bonus points for kitchen tangos a la Modern Family.

9.  Pace While You Talk On The Phone

  •  All the better if you do so outdoors for fresh air, sunshine and the added benefit of “earthing” of course!


10. Embrace Your Wild Side

  • Optimising vitamin D levels, oxygen and the release of mood enhancing endorphins, rough terrain engages muscles we are not accustomed to working and improves our balance and co-ordination.

Activating our daily ACTIVEists,

Suzanne Eden

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