A “Rabbit Food” Guide To Easter

My diet has been attributed to just about any animal imaginable.

… a bird, my guinea pig (rather accurate really), and of course, a rabbit!

So! What does one eat on Easter when one eats like the Easter bunny? And how can you implement this lifestyle for you and your children too? These are your Holistic Life Hacks inspired from yesterday’s Easter escapades!

Easter basket

A “Fruitful” Easter Basket

It was the sweetest surprise Easter morning to find this basket loaded with exotic fruits, vegan dark chocolate, and candied ginger from NOW (the best I’ve had!).

  • HLH: With an estimated 70% of easter candy coming from chocolate, be sure to look for dark chocolate, free from dairy, soy and additives. For the full health benefits of cacao, look for a raw bar, such as raspberry Giddy Yoyo.

Don’t like dark chocolate? Especially for children, there are now sneaky  bars using coconut milk to get a creamy, milk chocolate flavour without the acidifying dairy, with Zozubean’s “Sassy” bar with pomegranate and hazelnut being my favourite!

Easter breakfast

Brunch Fit For A Bunny

When asked what I wanted for Easter brunch, there was just one thing… FRUIT!

  • HLH: Fruit is my top pick when preparing for heavier foods to follow. Being light, easily digestible and high in fibre to reduce blood sugar spikes, it makes for the perfect breakfast.

My shake was an antioxidant rich green smoothie with blueberries, spinach, lemon and avocado to make it extra creamy and filling, and sprinkled with chia seeds for added fibre.


Country bound

Country Bound

Never one to travel unprepared, these were my Easter essentials:

  • Digestive Enzymes:
    • Reduce the burden of dinner buffets on our digestive system, helping to minimise bloating and obtain the most nutrients from our meal.
  • Almond cookie:
    • A sweet and gluten-free treat in substitute for the dessert cake.
  • St. Johns Wort:
    • I’ve been experiencing Sciatica (a pinched nerve) these past few weeks and this herbal supplement has assisted me in managing the pain while I search for a fix.
    • As it turned out, I didn’t have to use this even once after my Bowen treatment from my aunt and was able to last the whole dinner without the dire need to stand up for a stretch. More on this in another post!

egg hunt

On The Hunt

Skip the mini chocolate eggs!

Instead? Fill plastic eggs for your Easter egg hunt and mark them with the initials of your child’s name to reuse them each year.

My grandmother has always done this and filled them with dates, dark chocolate, nuts and seeds, a few health food store jelly beans, etc. And as I found out this year, even more exciting than hunting Easter eggs is hiding them for the kids in the bird feeders… the branches of the spruce trees.. and my personal favourite: alongside the real eggs in the chicken coop!

Filling your own Easter eggs allows you to control what treats, and how much, to give your children/grandchildren and this tradition keeps Easter indulgent while exercising moderation… and on their large property, it really is exercise!

At The Tail End

easter buffet

Lastly: my top tips from dinner:

We had a sandwich buffet with selections of egg salad, BPA-free atlantic canned salmon, nitrate-free cold cuts and fresh turkey breast with cucumbers, lettuce, pickles and tomatoes.

Cold cuts should be a special treat as they are highly processed and often high in sodium and should only be eaten if nitrate-free and from a good source. Generally, I would recommend sticking to the fresh turkey or egg salad.


For the bread for the sandwich, I brought a gluten-free loaf that I sliced extra thin and used just half the bun. I’m not a big fan of bread as I find that it masks the flavours of the sandwich and my favourite ended up being the lettuce wraps that I made with the egg salad and salmon. HLH: This is the perfect solution if you dont want to bring your own bread as lettuce is almost always available and being light, you can fill up on seconds!

Easter dinner

For the spreads, I passed on the butter and mayo and went straight for the stone ground mustard and fresh tomato. Veggie dips, such as hummus, would make ideal spreads too.


And dessert?

Turns out my grandparents had bought us creamy vanilla coconut ice cream with a dark chocolate sauce (coconut oil, cacao butter, maple syrup and raw cacao) to drizzle overtop. There was no need for more and so that cookie I packed is now safely tucked into the freezer for our next family gathering!


This week’s Prescription For Wellness: eat what rabbits eat! (or Aussie’s work too 😉 )

Happy Easter Wellness Enthusiasts,

Suzanne Eden



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