Resolutionize Yourself : The Psychology To Achieve Every Wellness Dream Of 2016

Dear friends, welcome to 2016!

This year, we’re taking the concept of New Year, New You to a whole new level! A revolutionized and resolutionized level of personal power in every facet of our being. That’s our theme. It is the intention to live to our highest potential, to thrive, to seek optimal wellness in every aspect of our lives. It is the power to take our lifestyle into our own hands and make conscious choices for the life we truly desire.

new years 2016

I want “snooze” to be banished from your vocabulary, sleep to be rejuvenating and refreshing, exercise to be a means of channeling your abundance of energy and bliss to be your default. I want you to fully experience what optimal health feels like, how you will radiate, broaden and redefine your beliefs around wellness and I’m taking this journey with you!

In preparation for the year ahead, this is our guide to conquer all of our wellness dreams in 2016 :

 First: Write Down How You Feel Now

  • Be precise. Write down all the aches and pains, the low energy, the cracked nails, the dry elbows,  everything you can think of because as you take this journey with me, things will have disappeared that you never even considered. All of a sudden you may find yourself thinking: “whatever happened to that?” Writing it down now will help you to reflect later to notice and celebrate all of the small and large changes unfolding along the way.

Second: Visualize

  • Visualize where you see yourself being one year from now. What healthy and vibrant looks like on you. But also visualize yourself during the challenges. The times when cravings surface or when you are with friends and family and surrounded by the foods that may trigger you. Visualize how you will stay motivated at the times when it is difficult to keep on track. Design your mindset now so that you will be better equipped for those times when they show up for you.

Third: Become Conscious

  • Of what you are putting into your body, of the thoughts you are thinking, of the choices you are making everyday. Notice them, become conscious of them and with each one decide if it is serving this new you. If it doesn’t serve you, it doesn’t deserve you.
  • Remember that in some ways, we are creatures of habit. But we are also creatures of novelty! We live for the excitement, the thrill of new challenges that progress us, strengthen us and catalyze us into being better human beings. The desire to achieve our highest potential is an inherent trait in each and every one of us.
  • In 2016, step into your personal power, to command only the best for yourself, to seek only the best in others, to power your plate with only that which is truly serving and deserving of you.

Fourth : Develop The Mindset of Growth

  • Neuroscience has made the distinction between the “fixed mindset” and the “growth mindset” which welcomes and facilitates change, creativity and development. This growth mindset is where we see that we are not “fixed” in our current lifestyle but can alter it, progress it and shift it to become better. It is one which celebrates advancement, challenges old patterns and creates new habits through the development and strengthening of neural connections in our brains.

Fifth : Write Yourself a Letter

  • This is for the times when things get rough, when the challenges get challenging and when you are just on the verge of your breakthrough but have to push your hardest. I want you to sit down now and write a letter, or perhaps a few, with encouragement, cheering yourself on, becoming your own best support group when you need it. Seal this letter in an envelope and tuck it away somewhere to come back to when you’re in search of a little added boost.


Sixth : Get Hungry!

  • Ask yourself: WHY do you want health in 2016? What are the factors that are motivating you towards wellness? Write these down and place them somewhere you can see them each day to remind and motivate yourself towards your goals.
  • Keep these reasons positive. If your goal is “weight loss” I want you to shift your focus. Loss doesn’t hold the fuel of personal power and the motivation behind losing something doesn’t carry enough drive to keep you going in the challenging times. What will? Gain and achievement! Likewise, holding the intention of “I’m going to lose weight” is entirely counterintuitive to the process as we are consistently reaffirming weight.
  • Instead, ask yourself; “what will I gain?” Think energy, physical endurance, inner peace, etc. Get hungry for a positive outcome and let this be the drive behind your year.

Seventh : Get Thirsty For Knowledge!

  • To truly harness the full potential of your personal power, you need to become your own healer. As a nutritionist, I work with everything from auto-immune disease, Crohn’s disease and colitis to weight loss, hormone imbalances and skin issues but it I know from practise and experience that true healing comes from being an active participant.
  • You know your body better than anyone else, so research like crazy, experiment on your body and do so with the guidance of a skilled practitioner and this is where you will find true health. Use me as a facilitator and yourself as the driving force with a passion and thirst for knowledge.

Eighth : Create Your Motivational Arsenal

  • This is crucial to your success. With our grocery stores home to more aisles of processed food than fresh produce, our drives to work littered with fast food joints and chips, pizza and buttery popcorn as staples of our current culture, along with our initial hunger, we need the fuel to satisfy it. Prescription for resolutionary wellness: Every day, feast on motivation!
  • This may come in the form of nutrition books or soul reads, podcasts, YouTube videos, documentaries and/or blogs. I want you to build your days on the mindset of wellness and create the feeling of a close-knit community with people you don’t even know!

Here are a few to get you started:

Books: Michael Pollan’s “Food Rules ; An Eaters Manual”, Paul Robert’s “The End Of Food”, Michael Moss’ “Salt Sugar Fat”

Podcasts: Underground Wellness

YouTube: Brendon Burchard, Drew Canole

Documentaries: Food Matters, Food Inc., Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

Blogs: This one, you’ve already found! 🙂

***Note: Subscribing to my blog (through the email address on the side bar) or to these YouTubers means that you will get your weekly inspiration delivered straight to your mail box as another friendly reminder to keep you on track!

  • Feuling my day with motivation is a staple for me and the way I fit this in as a habit is to infuse it into my daily routine. I wake up and get ready while Brendon Burchard videos play in the background, I read nutrition books on breaks at work, I listen to podcasts while driving in the car and good luck at getting me to watch a movie that isn’t a documentary (unless it’s a Christmas movie, british comedy or Harry Potter).
  • When our goals become habits, this is where we find lasting, powerful results.


2016 On The Horizon

Last night was spent chasing every last magical moment heading into the new year with one huge intention: to make 2016 our healthiest year YET!

This year’s posts will be dedicated to the fearless pursuit of optimal wellness through our bodies, minds and spirits, our whole beings. In January, we will be focussing on detoxification and cleansing our systems to reboot our healing process. We’ll examine the necessary components of cleansing, how to use it to properly to assist you on your journey to radiant health and how to transition your spring cleansing challenge for the winter.

Until then, drinks lots, move more, go green, step beyond your comfort zone, create empowered resolutions, and remember that the more profound your changes are, the more profound your transformation will be.

Welcome to your year of power,

Suzanne Eden


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