6 Ways Thanksgiving Just Made You Healthier!

Fragrant free-range roast turkeys, gluten-free stuffing, golden yams, potato casseroles and fresh pressed cider adorned the table for our Thanksgiving feast. What wasn’t on the menu? Guilt!

Whether you felt weighted down this week or brimming with post-festivity energy, your celebrations aren’t over yet, as we round out the ways this past weekend just made you healthier!

Autumn hike

1. You KNOW the power of proper food combining 

One of the biggest road blocks for optimal health is a disconnection with how our food directly impacts our bodies. Not anymore! After years of testament to this from your thanksgiving festivities, you are now better equipped for feasts of the future.

  • You know for instance;
    • Turkey + stuffing + potatoes = tired & sluggish 
      • This effect we owe to the heavy combinations of concentrated proteins and starches which utilize different enzymes to breakdown. Protein needs the enzyme pepsin and an acidic environment in the stomach while starches require ptyalin (salivary amylase) which functions optimally in an alkaline environment. Paired together, the acid and alkaline states neutralize each other and this difficult-to-digest combination drains our energy.

Prescription For Wellness; 

  • Keep concentrated proteins (meats in particular) and concentrated starches (rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa etc.) to separate meals of the day for optimal digestion and increased energy!


2. You’ll leave the stuffing to the turkey

After witnessing first hand what the turkey feels like, you’ll no longer stuff yourself! Both, everyday where we may eat a little too much and at holidays and parties, we’ll be more savvy when interpreting our need for seconds.
Prescription For Wellness;

3. You’ll now start your meals with vegetables

Never again will you forgo the ability of vegetables to entice the hungry guests and impress your family’s health enthusiasts. Each year, as we await the turkey, we feast on platters of vibrant vegetables from the garden, juilienned in unique shapes, and served with healthy homemade dips.
Prescription For Wellness:
Begin every meal with raw, enzyme enhancing vegetables with either veggie sticks or a salad.
  • Enzymes: vegetables and leafy greens contain the natural enzymes we need to breakdown our food to boost digestion.
  • Alkalizing: our bodies thrive on alkaline foods (raw fruits and vegetables) that promote blood alkalinity and help counteract the effects of acidic waste production from metabolism.
  • Filling:  Loaded with fibre, vegetables will help to satiate you before the meal without stuffing you for the main course.

 4. You’ll utilize one of the healthiest superfoods of the season!

Move over kale (though we still love you): bone broth is the superfood of 2016 and we can get a head start with the leftover bones of our turkeys!
Prescription For Wellness:
  • Save the bones from your turkey and buy whole chickens to bake or visit your local butcher to purchase (some places will give them away for free) the otherwise discarded bones and make your own bone broth. It is simple to do and stuffed with health benefits including:
    • Digestive healing
    • Growth of new collagen, repair of damaged joints and pain reduction from the high levels of glucosamine
    • Encourages hair growth, glowing skin and strong nails as it is rich in collagen
    • Supports bone growth and repair, being high in calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

vegetable tray

5. You’ll avoid gobbling down your meal

The universal sign of a good feast: silence, as everyone slows down to taste the long-awaited meal, savour the flavours and enjoy every last forkful of turkey.

Prescription for Wellness:



6. You’ll take the time to anticipate your meals

It is my grandparent’s strategic tradition of fresh cider pressing to keep the family outside and away from the kitchen, fragrant with succulent turkey. It is a genius plan as the aromas warrant the wandering of guests, scouring the kitchen for any scrap of food they can manage to sneak. Though tempting, this anticipation of the meal is accompanied with a big health boost!

Phase 1 of digestion is the cephalic phase which occurs even before we begin to eat. It involves the brain signals of seeing, smelling and anticipating food which creates a catalyst of bodily reactions to prep us for the upcoming meal.

As you wait for your meal to be served, what happens? You start to salivate! This anticipation for our meal, signals to our body that food is coming which stimulates our entire digestive system. The greater the anticipation, the more effective this phase will be and ultimately, the better your digestion!

Prescription For Wellness:

  • Take a minute before eating to anticipate your meal by focussing on the sight and smell, for optimal digestion.

So there we go! Whether you channeled your inner stuffed turkey or navigated the feast like a seasoned pro, rest assured that this past weekend just made you that little bit healthier 🙂

 Off to steep bone broth,

Suzanne Eden

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