Canada Days & Camp Fires // The Holistic Swap In The Roast Of The Marshmallow 

Happy Canada Day friends!

From my birthday and that of nearly every member of my family, June has been a busy month of Gemini’s and tonight’s birthday celebrations kick-start July with fireworks over the beach and bonfires over fire pits.

When you think of campfire food, is a marshmallow one of the first things to make a “pit” stop in your mind?

If so, I have the perfect swap for you!

Superior to marshmallows in just about every way.

The case? They are naturally tart and sweet (without being a slap to your sweet sensing taste buds),  caramelize in the hot embers of your fire pit (without turning into a dangerous flaming ball of sticky sugar) and retain their juicy interior so as not to leave a chalky taste in your mouth that warrants a gulping jug of water before you can proceed to speak again.


We devoured this pineapple Friday night at the first bonfire of the season to commence the time of BBQs, campfires and today’s Canada Day celebration where this is the perfect holistic swap for a sweet and healthy treat.

So why do we have such a strong association with these sweets? Tradition. When it comes to kids and nutrition, I’m a big marshmallow and many of the things we do with food come from habits that we develop as children. In developmental psychology we call this the critical period. This is a time when development is rapid and where what we are taught is critical to forming habits we often carry through our life. This follows closely in the development of our children’s bodies and though we often think kids can get away with eating more junk food during this time (signs of nutritional deficiencies don’t show as prominently until later years) this is a period of rapid growth and development of their bones, organs etc. The early years are when we want to focus on developing healthy bodies and healthy habits alike.


I, personally, have so many fond memories being gathered around a fire in our campsites and roasting marshmallows to eat off a stick or squash between graham crackers and chocolate for s’mores. But the pineapple we roasted over Friday night was  soft, sticky and sweet but also juicy and I can only imagine that if I was brought up eating this around a campfire, I wouldn’t have wanted anything else. It’s a simple change for a new tradition and with Canadians consuming an estimated 51-53 g of sugar per person per day, according to the 2014 nutrients study, it’s a needed change.


 Marshmallow Vs Pineapple

  • Every 100grams of the average marshmallow contains around 58 g’s of sugar!
    • 100 g’s of pineapple contains around 10g
  • The ingredients for marshmallows include: sugar, glucose syrup (more sugar), invert sugar (even MORE sugar), artificial flavourings, colourings, dustings of corn starch (often GMOs and one of the top food allergens)
    • Pineapples are a whole food with no need for an ingredient list.


Random FACTS of kindness; does your tongue go numb from eating pineapple?

  • Though it’s important to rule out a food allergy, pineapple contain the natural digestive enzyme bromelain which breaks down proteins and is used in many digestive supplements. This powerful enzyme is what makes pineapple easily digestible but may also be responsible for irritating your tongue and mouth.
  • Cooking and heating deactivates these enzymes to reduce or alleviate this side effect.


Whether youre kids are doing the roasting or you are, instead of getting stuck with gooey fingers and crumby graham crackers,  “stick” to this new, sweet tradition for the summer with 100% pure pineapple!


Roasting tonight over beaches and bonfires,

Suzanne Eden




Suzanne Eden

7 Breakfasts Of Highly Effective People

Ever wonder what the elite eat?

From Oprah to Bill Clinton, these people are typically driven, motivated, high energy, high impact individuals and generally, they know a little something; diet matters. How could we possibly expect to fuel our days without fueling our diets? If we don’t give our bodies the basic nutrients, the building blocks to thrive, we simply cannot perform at peak performance. With whole food comes energy, creativity, vibrancy, clear mindedness, and motivation. What goes in, must come out and if there’s one thing we can be sure of; food is power.


Smoothie on the go

Banana | Coconut water | Chaga (medicinal mushrooms) | Carob | Cinnamon | Spirulina (sea algae superfood) | Acai Berry | Cacao (the raw, unprocessed form of cocoa)

Over the past few days I’ve been listening to podcasts of these effective people while cleaning the house, or doing a morning yoga practise of all things! But breakfast came up quite often and it got me intrigued, how are these people fueling their days with their diets? This is exactly how they do it:

Tony Robbins

  • Who: Motivational speaker, personal finance instructor, life coach and self-help author
  • Breakfast: Salad and fish (“I’m boring as hell”)
  • Breakfast breakdown:
    • Fish is renowned as brain food as it is the best source of animal based omega-3 fatty acids; EPA and DHA. However, as with all animal products, the source matters immensely. In fact, levels of omega 3’s may be reduced by up to 50% in farmed salmon as opposed to wild and have much higher concentration of contaminants. The main point here is that it is all about the source and my favourites include sardines and wild Pacific or Alaskan (NOT Atlantic) caught salmon.
    • Making it work for you: Generally I recommend a plant-based breakfast as it is easily digestible and a rich source of compact, alkalinizing nutrition but with a clean source of fish and lots of greens to balance the meal, this can be a well-balanced lunch or dinner and for the right individual, perhaps even breakfast too!

Rich Roll

  • Who: Plantpowered Wellness Advocate, Author, Ultra-Athlete
  • Breakfast: Carrot, beet, kale (or spinach) and orange juice with flax seed oil
    Gluten free toast with peanut or almond butter
    Gluten free cereal (corn flakes or corn or rice based cereals)
    Almond milk
    Vega meal replacement powder
    Hemp protein powder
  • Breakfast breakdown:
    • When drinking juice in the morning, greens must be the predominant ingredient as fruit juice will spike blood sugar without the stabilizing effect of fibre (the component extracted  in the juicing process). I generally prefer green smoothies that keep the whole food intact for its wide spectrum of benefits and the fibre for blood sugar stabilization, healthy bowels and the ability to keep you full and fueled!
    • Beware that gluten-free does not equate to healthy. Toast and cereals are often heavily processed and devoid of nutrients. We need nutrients in order to metabolize our food and are not replacing these nutrients when we eat food that doesn’t contain them. This creates a nutrient depletion.
    • Hemp can be an excellent protein source. I often use whole hemp seeds with clients over powders as using whole foods will give you the whole benefit of its nutritional spectrum. My favourite protein powders are hemp, brown rice and pea protein but I prefer whole food protein sources when possible.
    • Making it work for you; for the right person and with the right education, a vegan lifestyle can be a healthy life choice. Whether vegan or a meat eater, the big thing to aim for is a plant-based, whole foods diet. One that focusses on nutrient dense, live fruits and veggies and has very little room for anything processed or refined.
 John Mackey
  • Who: Founder of Wholefoods Market
  • Breakfast: According to Business Insider, John makes a protein smoothie every day with almond, oat, rice or soy milk, fresh fruit and kale or spinach leaves.
  • Breakfast Breakdown:
    • Green smoothies are one of my favourite breakfasts as they provide a rich source of nutrients and energizing zap of energy in an easily digestible form. Stay away from the soy milk as the processing of soy negatively alters its chemical composition. I prefer coconut water for hydration and to help balance electrolytes.
    • Making it work for you: I drink one every morning with a variety of greens, cucumbers, a protein source (rice protein or chia seeds), lemon, coconut water etc. If still hungry, wait 20 minutes before eating something like an avocado with satiating fats or add some healthy fats (flax/coconut oil etc.) to your smoothie. You can see my top tips on mastering the green here:

beach scene

Richard Branson

  • Who: Businessman and investor, founder of Virgin Group
  • Breakfast: fruit salad and muesli, a granola-like dish most popular in Germany and Switzerland.
  • Breakfast breakdown:
    • provided you aren’t sensitive to gluten (though there are now gluten-free brands), muesli is a great, granola-like option, usually low in sugar and loaded with fibre. Fruit has a high nutrient density and water content making it very hydrating.
    • Making it work for you: For proper food combining, eat fruit first and wait 20 minutes before consuming the muesli if you feel digestive distress. Here’s why:

Bill Clinton

  • Who: American politician, previous US president
  • Breakfast: Almond milk smoothie with fresh berries and non dairy protein powder
  • Breakfast breakdown:
    • Throw in some greens, swap at least some of the milk for coconut water and you have a highly effective breakfast in your mug!

Oprah Winfrey

  • Who: you know who!
  • Breakfast: Oprah’s breakfasts always vary but this is from one day of her food diary: 1/4 cup (dry, about a cup cooked) steel-cut oatmeal topped with: 2 tablespoons chopped walnuts, about 1/2 cup fresh blueberries
    1 cup nonfat milk with a splash of hazelnut coffee creamer
  • Breakfast breakdown:
    • Steel cut oats are by far my favourite winter breakfast! She has a good serving, but this meal may be very heavy for some. See the blueberries and remember the food combining rule for fruit? Especially because this breakfast is cooked, I would stay away from adding fast digesting fruit to the mix unless also cooked. Why? Though destroying many of the nutrients, cooking slows the rate at which fruit is digested.
    • Pairing a concentrated protein such as walnuts with starch like oats, may also be very heavy for some. Chopping them finely may help and if you feel light and energized after eating this, you should be just fine. If not, save the protein for your next meal (steel cut oats offer protein on their own)
    • Milk and creamer is highly acidifying and easily swapped out for almond milk or another non-dairy option.
    • Making it work for you; Soak your steel-cut oats overnight for increased digestibility and pair with warming spices such as cinnamon or even curry, and a non-dairy milk such as almond, coconut or rice milk.


Brendon Burchard

  • Who: author, public speaker, and online trainer of motivation, high performance, and online marketing
  • Breakfast: This is what Brendon recommends for high performance nutrition: Smoothie with a handful of spinach, handful of blueberries, 1 whole fruit of your choice (pears, peaches, apples, banana), 1/2-3/4 scoop Vega One, ½ -scoop Vega Sport Performance Protein,. 1 scoop if you are working out heavily or need additional protein, 1 tablespoon of Amazing Grass Super Food
  • Breakfast breakdown:
    •  Smoothies are incredible! With the protein powders, it would be easy to add more whole food greens and vegetables such as celery or cucumber into this to amp up the nutrient value.
    • Protein, though blood sugar stabilizing, can be acidifying in high amounts. I would use just one of the protein powders and use a whole food source such as hemp seeds if needing a further boost.
    • Making this work for you: Greens powders are great if you are concerned about getting enough greens into your diet while transitioning to a holistic lifestyle. Whole food sources are best and should comprise at least half of every meal but I currently recommend North Coast Naturals greens powders if you feel you need the added boost.


If there’s one thing that I’ve appreciated with these podcasts, it’s the amount of focus that these highly efficient individuals place on their diets and how much they understand the value of their personal health and wellness. Put the right fuel in the tank and you can drive just about anywhere! My favourite fuel: a hearty bowl of warming oatmeal and spices in the winter, and a nutrient packed, light and easily digestible green smoothie in the summer.


To our efficiently wholesome mornings,

Suzanne Eden

Manifest Mondays // 3 Mindsets To MASTER Our Mornings!

What was the first thing to jump into your mind this morning? Were you excited, passionate? Did you feel awake, alert and energised? Were you motivated to eat good food, to exercise, to be productive and work towards your goals and dreams?

  • As the sequel to one of the most  popular blog posts yet; , this is your guide to boost your motivation each and everyday!
Passion is the drive but motivation is the fuel. How do we get more of this? Fueling ourselves with wholefoods is what will power us with energy and the right mindset, meditation is what will provide clarity and creativity, and an active lifestyle is what will drive us to productivity, but where does this motivation come from? Brendon Burchard made the perfect analogy of an energy power plant that doesn’t have energy, it generates energy. Motivation is already there for you, it’s not something one day you have or don’t have, it is something to be generated at any time, in any place.  After all, holistic health is about reaching our full potential in all aspects of our life. To be passionate, to excel, exceed, expand, THIS is what I call thriving and whether you need the motivation to fuel your health, or your relationships or your business, these are my top 5 keys to kick-start a life of motivation right now!
blue post
Just as breakfast is fuel for the day ahead, what we feed our minds each and every morning matters. Let these three exercises be the first thing you do the moment you wake up. By doing these every single day, you will start to rewire the programming of the brain so that a motivated mindset becomes your default mindset.

These are your new three mindsets to instantly master your day!

1) What are you grateful for?

  • Write this down. Write three things every morning that you are grateful for. Gratitude is one of the simplest ways to increase energy, boost our feel good endorphins and feel empowered by shifting our thoughts to positive, productive thinking. You can read more of how this enhances your health here:
  • Gratitude is what has been coined; “intrinsically self-esteeming.” People with gratitude have been shown to be more proactive in attaining personal goals and this trait has been proven to help athletes reach optimal performance. It has also been shown that grateful individuals have less incidents of illness, reduced risk of depression and have a greater sence of wellbeing, all of which are necessary to carry out our motivation.
  • Prescription for wellness; grab a gratitude journal, keep it by your bed and write three things you are grateful for each day this week.


2) Ask: what am I excited for?

  • Passion is the driver of ambition and ambition, the fuel of motivation. If you want to feel motivated, awake, alert and alive, give yourself something to be excited about! When we are excited, we experience a natural high and will feel instantly energised and motivated to do something. Energy stems more from thought than anything else and you can see last Monday’s post to master your mind.
  • Prescription for wellness: Every morning ask yourself; what am I excited for today? It doesn’t matter whether it is something big or small, as long as you truly feel excited, you are fueling your day!


3) Mantras

  • What is it that you want? From yourself? From life? Write it down. Let’s take motivation. Want more? Write down something like “I am fueled each and every day with motivation. I am thrilled to wake up each morning and get going.” It doesn’t matter what you say or how you say it as long as you believe it. Whatever works for you, write it as though it’s yours and repeat this every morning and every night.
  • What this does; we are largely what beliefs we hold in our lives. Start paying attention to how you respond in everyday situations and you will see this. Often times we are on autopilot and responding from a place of repetition. What mantras do is change our subconscious programing. So; if you typically wake each day feeling unmotivated, this mantra will help induce feelings of motivation and the more you do this, the stronger the reprogramming in your brain until it becomes habit to wake up motivated and energised! Pretty powerful stuff.

Wellness weekly;

  • For this week’s wellness weekly challenge, I want you to give this a shot! Whether you are manifesting motivation for health and wellness, business, relationships or whatever it might be, use these three tips each and every morning to jump-start your day on an energized high (no caffeine kick needed). You’re going to love this one!

To our mornings of motivation,

Suzanne Eden