Prescription For Wellness // 5 Reasons To Get Your Dose Of Vitamin SEA & Thalassotherapy At Home

We interrupt the April showers for a brief dip into paradise! At 27 degrees today, it was a day dedicated to being outside in the sun and warmth, for yoga and dog walks and transforming the beach into my personal office space.

Around here, we’ll settle for a beautiful beach day on the lake, but if you have the opportunity to sunbathe near an ocean or sea (where dipping a toe in the unpolluted water doesn’t pose the potential risk of emerging with an extra extremity) so much the better! This highly ionized, mineral rich water flow is the ultimate vitamin and coupled with vitamin D from the sun, it is no wonder beaches are a therapeutic escape and this week’s prescription for wellness!

vitamin SEA

 With the term Thalassotherapy used to coin the healing effect of the sea, this is by no surprise my all time favourite vitamin and here is every excuse you need to swim into a big, healing prescription of vitamin SEA;


1. From SEA to ZZZ

  • The negative ions (anions) in sea water may amplify the oxygen flow to our brains and cause biochemical reactions that can boost our body’s natural production of serotonin. When combined, we experience elevated mood, increased energy during the day and a more rejuvenating sleep by night.
  • What are ions?:  negatively or positively charged atoms or molecules.

2. Multi vitamin

  • We are not just what we eat but what our bodies eat too. One route of absorption is through our skin and why we need to take careful note of the products that we expose ourselves to on a daily basis.
  • Sea water contains minerals such as magnesium, potassium and iodine which may assist in cleansing the body and boosting our immune systems.

Skin deep

  • The largest organ of our body, sea water  can help to diminish skin conditions such as acne and eczema and leave our skin feeling silky smooth. This may come from several factors: the cleansing properties of sea water assist in detoxifying the body and reducing inflammation, it may also help to dry out the affected area while providing minerals that promote proper balance of the skin. Another theory suggests that the salt is a powerful antibacterial agent to minimize the spread of bacteria and purify our pores.
  • Note: while some natural drying of the skin may help to reduce acne, it is essential to replace your natural balance of sebum with an all natural moisturizer. My favorite being a mixture of coconut and vitamin E oil.

Relaxation – A long walk on the beach

  • The magnesium in sea water assists in the relaxation of muscles and mind, coupled with the rejuvenating benefits of swimming and the sound of the waves, which alter brain patterns to provide a state of deep relaxation.

Sunny Disposition

  • It is difficult to isolate just one component of the beach that is responsible for its uplifting effects on our moods. It may be with thanks to a rush of negative ions, increased oxygen flow to the brain, or the relaxation effect which calms our mind. Whatever the reason, it takes no more than a rejuvenating beach day to have all the evidence we need that the sea is a powerful mood enhancer!


Though the sea was out of the question today, the beach was calling and you can imagine my thrill as the snow has melted away and the water hurled itself against the rocks as this evening’s storm clouds rolled in. And so if you too find yourself on a Canadian lake, you can still reap the benefits of the sea through:
  • Meditative sea music
  • Epsom salt baths
  • Visualizations


Diving into a holistic dose of vitamin SEA,

Suzanne Eden

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