The Top 5 Workout Routines that are Meant to be Broken!

Good morning readers!
I’m writing from my rooftop where I’ve taken to listening to the music festival in the park as the sound reverberates off the houses, early morning nutritional reads and now writing to you. It’s an odd obsession I have with doing things that aren’t laid out for me. If this were a balcony which was meant to be sat on, it just wouldn’t have the same allure. Not only that, but this has taken me out of my daily routine where I can now people watch unbenounced upon neighbours passing below and unwittingly attract a few bees in the process (must be the coconut oil moisturizer!). What I didn’t realize about removing the screen was that it was not as easy to put back in place as it was to remove and now with a broken window screen comes the metaphor for today’s ACTIVE-ist blog: that routines are meant to be broken!


Here are the top 5 workout routines you need to start breaking!

  1.  Revamp your moves
  • Do you always do the same routine? The same arm and ab workouts? The same yoga sequences? It’s time to switch it up! It can be all too easy to stay in a workout that is both comfortable and familiar but what worked a month ago may not be working as well for you now.
  • When to change your routine?
    You don’t need to change it all the time, in fact, it’s important to have consistency. The key reason to change:
    Your progress diminishes. Muscles habituate and become used to the workouts after a period of time. Switching up your routine will start to work new muscles and counteract this issue.

2. The same type of workout

  • This is where we exercise mentality. Doing the same type of workout will often lead to boredom and boredom leads to a lack of motivation causing the individual to either become lazy and not exercise at peak level or to fall out of their exercise routine entirely. In either case, this should be avoided. You want to enjoy exercise! Whether it be running, swimming, yoga, biking, you name it! Variety is the spice of life.

3. The space you workout

  • Always go to a studio or a gym? Try home workouts or ones out in nature and vise versa. This is for the same reasons as number 2. However, it is also beneficial as we may find better exercising strategies while doing this.
  • For example: I went from doing yoga in a studio and found that the studio gave more variety (every time we went was something different), caused me to workout harder having people there to take me deeper into my practise, and made me more accountable for my workouts. After about a year, however, I felt the lack of yoga motivation creep in. I stopped yoga for about 2 weeks and resumed my practise in the backyard. When I took my practise on my own outdoors, I felt a deeper connection through grounding, felt energised from the oxygen and was able to move according to what my body needed that day.
  • The point being that both in studio and out of studio offer amazing and different benefits and knowing what they offer, I can now choose what will be right for my exercise any particular day. Get to know your different spaces so that you can give your body what it needs.

4. Working out all at once and lounging the rest of the day

  • This is definitely a rut to break! As humans, this is not our design. We need consistent stimulation for optimal health and wellness. A rest period after an intense workout is a good idea but if you use workouts as an excuse to become a couch potato (or a roof potato) the rest of the day, your body will suffer. We should be getting up and moving at least every 30 minutes. Light exercise eg., walking, some yoga stretches or commercial break jumping jacks, will help prevent lymph stagnation, increase blood flow, enhance mental clarity and help to mobilize toxins in the body. This is how you were designed! Your body and your mind will thank you.

5. Your eating routine

  • Eating the same way for workouts as you would any other time won’t give you the best results. You want to optimize your workout and the repair process that takes place afterward. This means that you should tailor your diet to the type, duration, time of workout etc.

Yesterday my activity went from walking, to biking to swimming (more like running laps in a freezing, cold pool to prevent hypothermia) and today? Who knows! The one thing I do know is that with the heat making a much wanted comeback, it will be entirely different from yesterday’s routine,

Kicking off ACTIVE-ist month,
Suzanne Eden

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