8 Facts About Maple Syrup That Make It Just Plain Sweet!

Being that it’s Canada Day, I saw it only fitting to go for a lakeside bike ride with a good friend, decked head to toe in Canadian-esque attire. It was also quite necessary to indulge in what makes us Canadian; beer and Tim Horton’s  were obviously out, but what our true Canadian staple food is, is pure and raw, organic and best of all, local! Enjoyed in moderation, maple syrup can provide a good source of nutrients and a perfect substitute for nutritionless refined sugars. No Aunt Jemima here, we’re only talking about the good stuff, the real stuff, right from a tree and bought at our local  sugar bush. So in my red and white state of Canadian pride, I bring to you the top 8 facts that make this Canadian superfood  just plain sweet!



  1. Canada supplies around 80% of the world’s maple syrup
  2. In fact, it’s only possible to produce it in the Northern part of North America due to our weather conditions. The Canadian winters aren’t looking quite so bad now are they?
  3. It is an excellent source of manganese for energy and antioxidant power
  4. Also an excellent source of zinc for healthy skin and immunity
  5. Offers 15X more calcium than honey and is a good sugar substitute for cooking (Honey should never be heated.)
  6. 30-50 gallons of sap is used to make about 1 gallon of syrup
  7. The sugar and potassium content as well as its source of B-vitamins and iron make it ideal in a post workout re-hydrating drink (a recipe I will shall soon)
  8. Apparently we are not the only mammals who love this sweet liquid. The North American squirrel has also been known to “sap tap” the maple trees. Being the nice Canadians we are, I don’t think any of us mind sharing 😉
  9. Side note: If it isn’t the real, pure, wholesome maple syrup, you’re most likely buying a blend of a poor quality syrup mixed with a slightly better one to reduce labour and retail costs. It will be low in the quality nutrients mentioned above and packed with preservatives. Nothing sweet about that!


Canadian or not, this is all the reason you need tonight to enjoy a little taste of this sweet  country 🙂

From our local sugar bush to your healthy, holistic pancakes, happy Canada day!,

Suzanne Eden

4 thoughts on “8 Facts About Maple Syrup That Make It Just Plain Sweet!

  1. I like your post on maple syrup facts. I am fortunate enough to live in an area surrounded by maple forests and hard working friends willing to bottle this heavenly stuff. I use it in nearly all my dishes from salad dressings to baked goods. Nothing like it! I look forward to your post workout rehydrating drink recipe! (Happy belated Canada Day!) 🙂

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