|| p u r p o s e ||


If you’re unsure of your purpose in life: know this;

Your purpose is to L O V E your life,

To get wild and daring with your dreams,

To be playful and foolish, to get crazy, to laugh and cry, to embrace, to smile, to kiss,

To find your best friend and your soul mate, to scream from mountain tops, swim naked in the oceans depths, paint masterpieces with your footsteps,

To let passion and love radiate, and as the world watches your ignited soul, you will spark the flame in them.✨

Drop all you think you “should” or “shouldn’t” do. What ignites your flame and sets your spirit free is exactly what you are here to do! Drop your fears, take a leap, and let the world catch you. Let your feelings be your compass. The universe is always guiding you, you need only listen

Love & light,

Suzanne Eden

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