Avocado’s and Baked Alaska

This weekend my mother walked into the family room and tentatively said “there’s something I would like to make, when you’re done your cleanse of course, perhaps this summer… And I’d love if you were able to eat it.” I asked her what it was and she said “baked Alaska.” With the thought of dairy, gluten, refined sugars and so forth, I instantly replied “no thank you, unless we could find a way to use coconut milk or something in it instead.” It was a no. I was a no. And as I heard myself saying this, a part of me was proud. I wanted to go completely dairy free again, no exceptions… Ever. But then there was another part of me. That little girl, sitting in the exact seat I was sitting, watching a passionate chef on the food network create this work of art. The little girl whose eyes lit up like his fiery torch as he caramelized the top layer of meringue. “I may change my mind though,” I quickly added to my mom, ” I have no idea how I will feel then so let me know when you make it.”

The next morning I watched a movie with homemade berry sorbet for breakfast (I will have to share the recipe soon, incredibly easy and delicious!). This movie clued me into a certain thought pattern that creeps in all too easily when you live a healthy lifestyle. It’s that, in all it’s healthiness, it can become unhealthy. A holistic lifestyle is about truly experiencing life! All of it! It is all about moderation, in everything, and I believe a truly healthy diet (for the majority of people) includes that slice of cake now and again!


Sometimes I’ll look at something unhealthy and think: “do I really want this?” And usually the answer is a true no. Take, for instance, a warm Timmies donut (spoken like a true Canadian 😉  Have you ever really tasted them? Held one in your mouth? There’s something that becomes incredibly unsatisfying to you after you’ve begun to eat healthy and your taste buds heighten. You taste the poor quality and the lack of love and you feel the emptiness of that hole in the middle. And so I may make a delicious salad or perhaps some healthier brownies (which often taste far better than the usual “unhealthy” stuff!).

And then there’s the times when I think: “would I want to live my life without ever experiencing this again?” Like my mother’s homemade baked Alaska, something I had wanted to try since I saw it on TV. Or her warm lemon meringue pie which melts in your mouth and is both tart and sweet with the love she poured into it. Do I really want to shut myself off from life experiences? Of course not. This lifestyle is meant to be delicious, to savour every bite and nourish your taste buds as much as your body. It is to allow you to grow vibrant, energized and to age with youth. And that cake, made with the love of a loved one, is part of this journey. It’s a moment of bliss, captured in time. It is for the pleasure and love of the flavours, for the experience.  And in those times when we realize we reach for that piece of baked Alaska with only the intent of pure pleasure and experience, does that slice become nourishment to the body and soul.

When we change our lifestyle and fully heal our bodies, we can enjoy these “guilty little pleasures” now and again without the guilt and knowing that our bodies are in perfect shape to be able to handle it. Eating a healthy diet, you realize how luxurious it is. How the love of the earth and the energy of the sun is infused into the food that bathes in it and grows from it. When you eat these thriving, live foods in your daily life, you feel the life flow through you. And every so often, when you see that slice of cake, also made of love, and you want to savour a slice, go for it!

Savouring those little slices of baked Alaska,
Suzanne Eden

Oh and that movie? The british film: About Time. A understadely beautiful movie and a new favourite of mine, meaning I will probably watch it about ten times over the next week 😉

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