What IS Holistic Nutrition Anyway?

Holistic Nutrition

When asked this, people are usually met with a wandering stare and a rather long, “ummm” as I ponder how to best go about it. Essentially, holistic nutrition is just that: whole-istic. You are viewed as a whole and holistic nutrition aims to align all aspects of your being. It is about reconnecting to nature through eating food in its purest, more natural form  to promote optimum health. Holistic nutrition focuses on providing the body with the best possible nutrients through wholesome food so that it can heal itself and function the way it was designed to.

Another aspect worth sharing is that holistic nutritionists do not abide by the conventional nutrition practises. They challenge what has come to be “common knowledge.”  In this day and age we can now get information at the click of a key in the Google search bar. What is really vital is to be a critical thinker. So as you delve into these articles and this site I ask you to do just that. Think critically and stay open-minded. Think critically of all you have been told before and keep an open mind to the fact that the information may not be correct. Think of smoking for instance. A clear case where the information about the adverse health effects took a long time to surface, even when some people knew and were attempting to spread the truth. This is how society works: it takes a long time for change to occur. Think critically of all I am saying too! If you have questions or comments you can contact me on here or through email. However, even if you are sceptical, I would encourage you to give it a trial run yourself. Make a change, a true, hearty commitment for a good amount of time (3-4 weeks at least) and see what happens. The best evidence there is, is always yourself. I have been my own test of this information for years and I want to share it because I have seen the profound difference it made for me. I want you to have this same experience!

A Holistic Nutritionist

A holistic nutritionist aims to heal your body as a whole, not just in little components. Everything is interconnected and so, when you have a health issue to address, they attempt to get to the source of the issue at hand. They know that illness of any kind is your body’s way of speaking to you, of telling you something is wrong. In order to properly treat the issue at hand, you cannot simply mask the symptoms, you must fix the problem. If you feel low on energy much of the time, battle with your weight, feel bloated after eating, or anything less than ideal, all of these are signs that something needs to be changed. Your body is speaking to you.
Holistic nutritionists are here to help you listen and answer its needs.

Why Seek Holistic Nutrition

Nutrition is severely underrated in our day and age. Give your body the nutrition it needs and it can do what it was designed to do: it can heal itself. Whats more: when you heal your body its energy can be put into your natural, healthy beauty. Stronger, glossier hair, flawless, glowing skin, a healthy weight… that all comes naturally when your body is in a true, natural state of health. Not only this but your body may become resistant to disease and illness. As Hippocrates put it; “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” “You are what you eat,” is more true then you could ever imagine. You truly become what you put on your plate so make it worthy of you. What we put in our bodies is absolutely critical as you’ll learn through this blog, but in order to achieve true health, it doesn’t stop there. As well as your body, you must also feed your soul. In holistic nutrition we delve into the mind: how you think and feel and the spirit: how connected you are with yourself and all that surrounds you. By aligning all aspects of your life you will achieve a radical shift in your health. Dis-ease cannot live within a body that is in a state of harmonious ease. Health is your birthright. You are meant to live a full and abundant life: mind, body and spirit!

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  1. Wonderful person, That mason jar that you have in your hands sure looks good. Wouldn’t it be nice if our world would learn to serve something along that line @ McDonalds or something?

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